Choosing the Right Influencers for Your Brand

Influencer marketing is a very big thing today as many brands start to use influencer to market their product. That is why, you as a brand should also start using this method if you want your product to be known by people.

However, if you want to do influencer marketing, then choosing the right influencers for your brand is very important thing to do. There are a few things that you can pay attention to so you can find the right influencer to work with.

Choosing the Right Influencers for Your Brand

  1. Relevance

First thing that you need to do is to find the influencer relevance with your brand. You can see old contents that the influencers made to know which type of consumer the influencers are. 

You need to make sure that the influencer is the right match for your brand. Even if the influencer work in the same niche as your brand, but that does not mean they are always a good match. 

You need to look deeper into their content to know their audience and what kind of influence that they deliver. You also need to see whether the message that they share with their follower match well with the message that your brand tries to bring to the customer. 

  1. Follower count

A lot of brand will use follower count as a mean to determine whether they will work with that influencer or not. Although it is one of the metrics that you can use to choose the influencer to work with your brand, but it should not be the only metric that you use.

If there is an influencer that has bigger following but the majority of their audience is not your target market then it is not the right influencer for your brand. It would be better for you to work with influencer with smaller follower count where the majority of their audience is your target market. By doing this, your brand might be targeting less people however those people you target are the right one. 

  1. Following growth

This thing is actually more important to pay attention to compared to the previous point. Especially since it showed you how the influencers are getting their follower. When their follower growth is organic then this means their followers are people that really interested to the content and the influencer. However, if the followers are fake then you can see that the influencer’s follower statistic will go down and up in intervals that is uneven. 

  1. Engagement

Having a good engagement means the influencer’s follower have active interaction with the content that the influencer gives them. You can see the audience respond to the content, their comments and how many people share the content. You can also see the percentage of new audience versus returning audience. 

These engagements can be use as indicator to see how much the relationship means to the followers. If their engagement rate is high that means their follower really trust the influencer. 

  1. Authenticity

You might find this a little bit weird but influencer that has less sponsored content is generally more trusted by the audience as they are seen as more authentic. If the influencer shares a content where they mention a product that they genuinely use then that post is seen as more trusted compared to a product review.

Their follower will also share more stories that are more engaging compared to those that are sponsored. So, you can pay attention to these things to see whether the influencer can create a high-quality content for their audience or not. 

Influencer’s power lies in their follower loyalty. That is why when you choose the right influencer for your brand, you need to see their connection with the follower. 


Description: If you want to do influencer marketing, then choosing the right influencers for your brand is very important thing to do, learn more here.