March 7, 2021


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Biden inauguration as it transpired: Joe Biden sworn in with Kamala Harris, investing 1st day as President undoing Donald Trump’s perform

What is (God) got to do, obtained to do with it?  I’m even now repeatedly...

What is (God) got to do, obtained to do with it? 

I’m even now repeatedly astonished by how usually god and religion is introduced into American politics, together with the inaugural prayer company. Has there at any time been a president that wasn’t Christian? If there has been, are they nevertheless demanded to go to prayer services?


I’m heading to go with the safe remedy when it comes to US politics… it really is just custom.

Of class, presidents and vice-presidents do not have to be religious (in truth the constitution prohibits any type of spiritual test as necessity for general public office). But the huge the greater part have some religious affiliation.

Pew Exploration Centre (connected higher than) names Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln as the only non-Christian presidents. Equally were raised in spiritual households but didn’t declare any official affiliation.

As for the 46th President… Joe Biden is a Catholic, in reality he is the only the next Catholic president of the United States — the initial was JFK. Biden talks a fair bit about his religion guiding his actions in general public office.

Kamala Harris is a Baptist, and has also spoken overtly about her Christian upbringing. Her spouse Doug Emhoff is Jewish. Harris was sworn in today on two bibles, one owned by the 1st Black Supreme Court docket justice, Thurgood Marshall, and the other belonging to a pricey neighbour and “next mother” to Harris, Regina Shelton (I go through this before these days and should confess I teared up a minimal).

So in any situation, faith would seem to be an vital component of both the President and Vice-President’s life. 

Kamala Harris, resplendent in purple, smiles proudly as she holds one hand up and the other on a stack of two bibles
(AP: Andrew Harnik)