June 26, 2022


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Best Father’s Day gifts 2022: From Lego, Le Creuset, Ooni and more

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It comes around quickly every year, so be prepared for Father’s Day on Sunday 19 June, and treat the father figure in your life to a gift more thoughtful than something you hastily picked up on a last-minute supermarket sweep.

What to get men for presents is always a dilemma. More often than not, they will just buy it for themselves, or be so incredibly picky about something that it’s almost not worth going for a surprise.

Here we’ve rounded up classic gifts, from slick-looking wallets to Lego creations of dream cars and DIY burger kits you can build together, as well as little luxuries like chocolates, and bigger ones such as handmade kitchen knives.

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How we tested

To make our selection, we were looking for fun, well made and thoughtfully designed gifts that would either be enjoyed straight away (like gin and cheese) or simply wouldn’t be left to gather dust. Instead, we found brands that care not only about their products, but their impact on the world and are made to last.

Whether he’s a gardener, a chocolate-lover, enjoys cooking or photography, we’ve found a range of gifts to make him smile. And best of all? None of them include a “World’s Best Dad” oversized mug…

The best Father’s Day gifts for 2022 are:

  • Best for photography lovers – Fujifilm instax mini Evo camera: £174.99, Instax.co.uk
  • Best for the fashionista – Palace waffle T-shirt: £64, Palaceskateboards.com
  • Best for the car enthusiast – Lego creator Porsche 911: £124.99, Lego.com
  • Best burger kit – Libertine #007 burger kit: £30, Libertine-buger.com
  • Best for adventuring dads – Yeti roadie 24 cool box: £200, Yeti.com
  • Best for Yorkshire loving dads – Black Sheep Brewery luxury hamper: £79.95, Blacksheepbrewery.com
  • Best sentimental book – ‘How To Build A Boat: A Father and his Daughter and the Unsailed Sea’, by Jonathan Gornall. Published by Simon and Schuster Ltd.: £9.99, Waterstones.com
  • Best cheese subscription: CheeseGeek the Lionel box: £35, Thecheesegeek.com
  • Best trainers – Lacoste L100: £90, Lacoste.com
  • Best puffer jacket: Arc’teryx piedmont vest: £220, Arcteryx.com
  • Best pizza oven – Ooni koda 12 pizza oven: £299, Ooni.com
  • Best linen shirt – Beaufort & Blake lasham cobalt linen shirt: £79, Beaufortandblake.com
  • Best hot sauce – Condimaniac customisable hot sauce, 227ml: £19.99, Condimaniac.com
  • Best pj set – Desmond & Dempsey Cuban pyjama set in Byron tropical print navy/green: £160, Desmondanddempsey.com
  • Best gin – Salcombe daring gin 50cl, 46%: £75, Salcombegin.com
  • Best shaver –Philips one blade pro electric shaver: £79.99, Currys.co.uk
  • Best gardening tools – Daylesford large gardening trowel and fork: £42, Daylesford.com
  • Best for dim sum lovers – ProCook bamboo steamer: £19, Procook.co.uk
  • Best luxury chocolates – Rococo sea salt organic milk chocolate wafer thins: £16.95, Rococochocolates.com
  • Best swim shorts – Che Studios powder blue sunseeker shorts: £90, Chestudios.co.uk
  • Best wireless charger – Moshi otto q wireless charging pad: £44.95, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best coffee table book – ‘World Atlas of Coffee: From beans to brewing – coffees explored, explained and enjoyed’ by James Hoffmann, published by Mitchell Beazley: £16.72, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best face moisturiser – Clarins for men moisture balm, 50ml: £30.15, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best beer gift pack – Small Beer Brew Co gift pack: £18, Theoriginalsmallbeer.com
  • Best chef’s knife – Blenheim Forge santoku handmade knife: £275, Blenheinforge.co.uk
  • Best for home chefs – Le Creuset toughened non-stick rectangular roaster: £154.90, Amazon.co.uk
  • Best little luxury gift – Smythson Panama flat sandstone card holder: £125, Smythson.com

Fujifilm instax mini Evo camera

Best: For photography lovers

Rating: 9.5/10

In our ever-expanding digital world, photography has become something that usually stays firmly on our phones and printing pictures is only done for the odd frame. If your dad loves photography, and is always taking pictures but never getting round to printing the best ones off, an instant camera is for him.

This one blends the best of both worlds and has taken instant cameras up a notch with a digital display which is super easy to use – all dad needs to do is point and click. It’s also easy for kids to use too. The aesthetics set this camera apart from other instax versions, as from the front it looks like a classic analogue range-finder camera with a leather-look covering and silver edging. Our favourite feature is the lever to print, which you pull back once you’ve selected the picture you want printed, in the same way you’d pull it back on an old camera to take your next shot.

There’s an impressive 100 effects to choose from, which you can find by either using the wheel on the back of the camera, or by twisting the lense. Our favourites include vignette, which gives slight shadows in the corners, and colour bleed where tones of red and yellow seep into the edges for a real vintage look.

The print and screen are both high quality and colours print as you see them. The tech doesn’t stop there though, there’s an app to download so you can transfer your snaps across to your phone if you want to post them on social media too. The camera holds around 45 pictures without a memory card, and one can be bought separately.

It’s a perfect fun holiday camera that everyone can enjoy using. Then either stick the photos in a book for dad, or add them to magnets like these from shot2go sticky magnets from Boots (£5, Boots.com) that we love and pop them on the front of the fridge.

Lego creator Porsche 911

Best: For the car enthusiast

Rating: 9/10

Standing the test of time, Lego is one of our all time favourite gifts here at IndyBest, whether it’s for kids or Lego sets for adults we’ve tested a lot in our time, from Star Wars to Harry Potter themed sets and everything in between.

If your dad loves cars, specifically sports cars, then this is the build for him. Whether he’s had one of these in his time, or has always longed for it, he’ll love working his way through the 1,458 pieces to complete the Porsche 911. It’s part of the Lego Creators range, which the brand says is most suitable for bigger kids, aged 18+, and launched last year.

Designed by Mike Psiaki, who is no stranger to the creator range, the build is made up of lots of pleasing little sections that slot together to form the interior. Little yet impressive details include the opening boot to reveal the engine, as well as functioning doors.

But the pièce de résistance is that, unlike many other creator sets, there are also actually two variations in this build: the souped-up turbo edition complete with back spoiler, or the sleeker top-down more sophisticated targa.

Lego worked hard to be able to capture the sleek lines of the car, that it’s so farmed for and this is a creative and very enjoyable build for any sports car and Lego fan alike.

Libertine #007 burger kit

Best: Burger kit

Rating: 9.5/10

Who doesn’t love a burger? We’re big fans of DIY food kits, which over the past two years plenty of food companies branched out into. This is a fun present to make together – and then of course devour together too. Those of you in either Leamington Spa or Rugby may know the physical restaurants, but the kits are available for countrywide delivery.

There are four kits to choose from: 004, 007, 005 and 111, which range from £23 to £30 and have everything you need to make four burgers, which compared to your average burger takeaway is pretty good value. We went for 007, mostly because the picture of it looked unreal, and we’re sure you agree too.

Made up of the brand’s signature patty – a blend of chuck, brisket and flank cuts from Aberdeenshire cattle – already this sets itself above your average slide. The kit comes with brioche buns, American cheese slices, house chilli to layer on top of the patties, chimichurri, pickles plus red and yellow squeezy bottles of ketchup and American mustard that are perfect to reuse for barbecues at home. There are detailed instructions for how to build your burger too.

The result is an excellent smokey and deliciously tender burger, with all the right little additions, from the pickles to the cheese. We found we could have added a touch more chimichurri and sauce too, but found the meat to be superb and up there with one of the best burger kits, actually – one of the best burgers we’ve ever had: think Five Guys, but gourmet. We know dad will love this come Father’s Day, and will absolutely be reordering for the family again too.

Palace waffle T-shirt

Best: For the fashionista

Rating: 9/10

For the fashionista dad, he’ll no doubt love a T-shirt from cult skate brand, Palace. But be quick, as runs are short and things sell out quicker than you can learn to ollie. Palace started out making skateboard decks, and has since ventured into the merch side. With its cool designs, it quickly grew a huge online following that also translated into real life, with die-hard fans queuing outside shops and stock quickly going on resale sites with pretty hefty price tags.

The brand’s happy go lucky attitude is evident on the site, through its rather nondescript, er descriptions, so don’t expect there to be much information bar sizing. Most recently the brand has collaborated with Calvin Klein and Adidas and is absolutely a brand that the Nineties reminiscent dad will fall in love with, if he hasn’t already.

This waffle T-shirt is a great beginners piece, as the brand is best known for out there designs in bold colours and pretty wild patterns. It was available in more colours, including a powder blue that we loved, but it’s since sold out. It’s a nice thickness and weight, made with good quality cotton and it’s roomy too, so consider sizing down if you don’t like the oversized look. It’s a cool take on a classic white tee.

Yeti roadie 24 cool box

Best: For the adventuring dad

Rating: 9/ 10

If like us, you’ve seen this brand everywhere recently, it’s because it’s really, really good. Known for its modern take on the traditional ice box, Yeti has made this household item cool (no pun intended) and oddly desirable. Think the must be seen with fashion accessory for the outdoorsy types.

The range came to life in 2006, starting with the coolers, designed by brothers who loved all things outdoorsy, but found they always needed to buy a new ice box each season, which of course led to a lot of waste. Now, Yeti includes everything from double vacuum walled drinks bottles to bags, and even pet accessories so your four-legged pals are suitabled covered too from bowls to beds.

The roadie can hold six bottles of wine happily (or 18 335ml cans), while still putting in ice packs and picnic food around it, too. It has sturdy silicone grips on the bottom, so it won’t be sliding around in the back of the car, and will sit easily on uneven surfaces. The clips use a hinge system, which has been designed so they never break, and they’re also safer and easier to use. The insulation system means its thick walls keep things very cool for longer. A great gift for siblings to group together on and buy the adventuring dad.

Black Sheep Brewery luxury hamper

Best: For Yorkshire loving dads

Rating: 8/10

Independent brewery, Black Sheep based in Masham, is best known for championing all things food and drink coming from Yorkshire. Containing 14 products, this luxury hamper is packed full of the best bits of God’s Own Country.

The family run brewery had to include some of its most award winning beers. These include the classic Black Sheep ale, a ruby dark beer, the Riggwelter, and a stout with dark notes of coffee and chocolate, the Milkstout.

Our favourite products are Lishman’s of Ilkley Yorkshire chorizo, made by one of  the county’s best butchers. Made from high welfare pigs, its peppered with garlic and paprika for extra punch too and. While the little snack packet of basil and garlic Oloves (combining olives and love, you see) are incredibly delicious and make the perfect pre-drinks snack. There’s also crisps, cheeses and cheese biscuits, plus a branded wooden board. With this, hamper, dad’s  got everything he needs for a few drinks and some very good nibbles with friends.

‘How To Build A Boat: A Father and his Daughter and the Unsailed Sea’, by Jonathan Gornall. Published by Simon and Schuster Ltd.

Best: Sentimental book

Rating: 9/10

Is your dad stuck behind a computer screen all day, but dreaming of making something with his very own hands? His enthusiasm will be met with author and journalist Jonathan Gornall’s book about building a traditional clinker wooden boat for his newborn daughter, Phoebe. Although he’s never done anything like it before, and knows little about woodwork, and even less about boatbuilding, he’s determined.

The book gets pretty technical with the nitty-gritty of woodwork, joins, nautical language of boatbuilding as well as the specialist tools needed, most of which have changed very little in the past 2,000 years. But alongside this is the author’s relationship with his daughter, featuring tenderly written passages addressed directly to Phoebe, where he focuses on himself as a father, and his hopes for her future. There are also the slightly eccentric people he meets along the way who help him in his quest.

It’s a truly inspiring read, albeit for a slightly niche audience, but it proves what can be achieved alongside the daily struggles of life with work, mortgages and a family to bring up. The book serves as a poignant reminder not to lose the traditional skills of the past as technology increases to advance.

CheeseGeek the Lionel box

Best: Cheese subscription

Rating: 8/10

If your dad always buys himself what he’s got his eye on, then an edible gifts is the best way to go. And if he’s a cheese-lover, you need to introduce him to Lionel. Well, The Cheesegeek’s box named Lionel, which features some of the best British seasonal cheeses.

In the box, dad will receive between four and five cheeses that roughly equates to 600g. Our box had garlic Yarg – the Cornish cheese wrapped in nettles; Isle of Mull cheddar, which is an intense and savour flavour; Rollright, a brie-like British cheese that’s creamy and buttery with a washed rind; Shropshire blue which brings some colour to the board along with its tangy and sharp flavour; and lastly, Witheridge – the world’s first cheese to be ages in aged in hay – is like a delicious mellow cheddar.

To make it a complete cheeseboard, you can add a packet of Peter’s Yard spelt and fig crackers for £3, and three chutneys, (keeping with the theme, they’re called the “three gees”). If he’s not a fan of blue or goat’s cheese, you can request for them not to be included. The packaging is plastic free too which we rate. It’s a well selected cheeseboard that can be whipped out after the Sunday roast for an easy pudding.

Lacoste L001 trainers

Best: Trainers

Rating: 9/10

Lacoste makes some of the most comfortable trainers going, and it seems to be a pretty well kept secret. Its insoles are super springy and, best of all, lightly moulded so feet are still properly supported, even with totally flat-soled shoes.

With a low profile, yet chunky design, these trainers are an up to date take on a classic eighties shoe, thanks to its thick rubber band around the bottom and perforated leather uppers. The rubber bottom of the sole is a contrasting brown, while the tones of light grey and black adds depth to the design, which is finished off with an embossed crocodile logo at the heel A smart casual trainer that will easily become dad’s go to.

Arc’teryx piedmont vest

Best: Puffer jacket

Rating: 9/10

Another great piece of kit for dads who like adventuring, but also those who like to keep a slim wardrobe by making clever choices when it comes to clothing. This insulated sleeveless jacket is technical, but can still be worn casually too. It’s not overly sporty and won’t look out of place just popping into town, nor roaming the countryside walking paths.

Made using responsibly sourced European grey goose down for insulation, the light jacket isn’t waterproof, but has a water repellent finish, enough to stand light and brief rain showers. It’s comfy and lightweight to wear, and has been designed to be more of a jacket style gilet as outwear and to layer over, rather than to be worn under a hardshell as a midlayer. When worn casually, it would work best unzipped, over a jumper or T-shirt and worn with jeans or trainers.

Pockets are either side and fairly deep, enough to hold a phone, keys, cardholder and a few other small essentials. It also packs down nicely so it’s good for packing if you’re going somewhere with interchangeable weather.

Ooni koda 12 pizza oven

Best: Pizza oven

Rating: 9/10

Who doesn’t love a pizza? We’re sure you’ve all seen one of these by one – including dad – and it’s something the whole family will benefit from too. So club together with siblings and treat him to one of these Ooni ovens and he’ll be keen to make you all pizzas again and again. First choose between wood fire and gas – we like the ease of gas – and then get ready for dad to get practising to perfect his dough. You’ll need to buy a gas canister too from a hardware shop and it comes with the gas regulator and hose. At just 9.25kg, it’s super portable and is only marginally larger than the pizza stone base that it comes with too. The legs prop out, but you’ll want to put it on a table so you can see into it more easily.

It reaches 500 degrees Celcius in just 15 minutes, and then cooks pizzas in a minute. Although you’ll need to turn them for even cooking (hence wanting to be able to see inside). So we recomend using a pizza paddle too help with this too. Pizzas come out wonderfully bubbly just like you’d get in any good pizza restaurant. And when you add up the cost of a few pizza deliveries, with this you’ll actually be saving money, and having more fun!

Salcombe daring gin 50cl, 46%

Best: Gin

Rating: 9/10

From one of our favourite distillers, this Devon-based brand has been upping its gin game by collaborating with top chefs. This time around it is with Paul Ainsworth who owns and runs No 6 restaurant in Padstow with his wife Emma. The flavour of this gin is based on one of the chef’s dishes which uses plenty of Cornish foraged botanicals.

Limited to 10,000 bottes, the gin is full of fresh flavours from lime and blood orange, to fennel, seashore herbs, a hint of oyster leaf and topped off with warming allspice. It’s rich and velvety and finishes with a wonderful citrus tang and a little warmth. Dad will love to serve it in a big glass over plenty of ice with a slice of a crunchy apple. If you purchase it without the box, Salcombe Gin will donate £5 to the Marine Conservation Society.

Beaufort & Blake lasham cobalt linen shirt

Best: Linen shirt

Rating: 8.5/10

Dad can never have too many shirts, and in our opinion, a linen shirt is a summer must-have, whether that’s for a staycation in Devon or somewhere further flung, pottering in the garden, or lunch in the local pub garden.

Beaufort & Blake was founded by three friends who wanted to make great-fitting shirts that had a sense of British personality. Aside from these pieces, you’ll find plenty of endearing prints on boxers, shorts, while everything has a real pop of colour – its signature look. It’s all about premium materials, but at affordable prices.

Pieces focus on longevity, so it’s less about fashion, and more about quality and timeliness – which is pretty easy for a linen shirt. This casual shirt is soft and made from 100 per cent linen (so wash it on a cool setting) and has the most fabulous bright blue colour that really screams summer – and will hopefully have dad booking a summer getaway in no time. We love that it comes in recycled packaging too.

Philips one blade pro electric shave

Best: Shaver

Rating: 8/10

Philips is the OG when it comes to men’s shaving, and the one blade made it almost impossible to cut yourself thanks to its, you guessed it, one singular blade. The pro version is a nifty all rounder is the latest itteration from the brand’s previous model, and means dad can trim, edge and shave (both we and dry) to his heart’s content.

It’s very light and ergonomic which makes it very easy to use. It also features an LED screen which any tech-loving dads will rejoice in knowing how much batteryy is left, and has 14 length settings. It comes with two extra blades, a body comb a skin guard, and a travel case.

Desmond & Dempsey Cuban pyjama set in Byron tropical print navy/green

Best: Pj set

Rating: 8.5/10

Sleepwear that can be worn in the daytime too is one of our favourite things – casual, comfy clothes that look too good to just be worn in bed. And we think dad will be very pleased to unwarp a Desmond & Dempsey pair. The brand is known for its gorgeous travel-inspired prints and loose-fitting cuts, and we love this classic set in the tropical design. Its muted tones will suit dads who like fun prints that aren’t too bold, which means they can be worn more than just on the beach too. But if he does prefer something louder, there’s a huge range of around 18 prints to choose from too, as these are some of the brand’s best sellers – and for good reason.

Made from 100 per cent, the set is light and airy, perfect for summer sleeping and daywear. The shirt fit is boxy and looks just as good worn at home as it does out and about with black denim jeans, or on the beach with the matching shorts, which have deep pockets, a tie elasticated waist and sit just above the knee with an upturned hem. The shirt and shorts can also be bought separately. For the extra touch, you can also have them personalsied with up to three letters. 

Daylesford large gardening trowel and fork

Best: Gardening tools

Rating: 8/10

Gardening loving dads will be even more keen to get out in the garden and plant new bulbs and flowers with these beautiful tools. Made by a family run business who have been making tools for 115 years, we like the ergonomically designed smooth wooden handles, which are made from ash and are easy to hold and use. The trowel, made from steel, is 18cm long with a nicely pointed tip, making it easy to break even the hardest soil. It is longer and narrower than many trowels, but we think it makes it easier to be more precise. If you want to give more than one, there’s also the matching three-pronged fork (£22, Daylesford.com) which together make a nifty new set. And to make sure they don’t go walkies, hang them up by the string in the shed.

Condimaniac customisable hot sauce, 227ml

Best: Hot sauce

Rating: 8/10

For any hot sauce and spice lovers, the chance to create your own personalised sauce (or to recieve one created for you) is pretty cool. This customisable sauce is from the brand behind TikTok’s famous The Good Bagel Seasoning. You could either make one for your dad yourself, and even add a picture and name to the label, or give it as a gift for him to do himself. All you need to do is choose the base, vinegar, heat, flavours and character and wait for it to arrive to devour.

ProCook bamboo steamer

Best: For dim sum lovers

Rating: 8/10

For the dad who loves to cook, and more specifically loves dishing up anything from Chinese to Vietnmaese food, this is an absolute winner. The two tier steamer – with a lid – is one of the most versatile and cheapest cooking items anyone can have in their kitchen arsenal. From steaming vegetables or dim sum to cooking rice. The benefit is steaming keeps in more nutrients than boiling veg. It’s also made from sustainable bamboo, can be put directly on the table to serve and is super easy to clean. A win win in our eyes.

Rococo sea salt organic milk chocolate wafer thins

Best: Luxury chocolates

Rating: 9.5/10

From one of the country’s best chocolatiers, these large but delicate discs of chocolate are little slices of heaven in our eyes, thanks to the silky milk chocolate and little hints of delicious sea salt: our favourite combination. It’s certainly a big step up from a chocolate orange – just don’t expect dad to share these.

Che Studios powder blue sunseeker shorts

Best: Swim shorts

Rating: 8/10

Creating small run collections, Che speciailises in just shorts and shirts and has a sustainable ethos running through everything. The sunseeker swim shorts are the brand’s signature design, and are made with recycled nylon made from waste yarns. The rather smart design – with a zip fly, two side pockets and mesh lining, means they can be worn swimming (as intended) – as well as anywhere away from the pool.

But what our tester loved most about these is the ribbed waistband, and inside it has silicone bands that helps keep them in place, too. There’s also a zipped back pocket so he can keep keys in. There’s 13 colours to choose from, but we think the powder blue shade is perfect for summer.

Moshi otto q wireless charging pad

Best: Wireless charger

Rating: 8/10

Wires are annoying: fact. We’re slowly getting rid of them when it comes to headphones etc, but chargers are where we really need it. Obscenely long cables trailing from sockets to tables are a real no no. Instead of people tripping over them and losing them (we all do), go wireless with this nifty pad. It’s small and has non-slip feet and is sleek enough to go unnoticed as a piece of tech in your home. The pad is fast charging, which uses USB-C cables, and this is included, but you’ll need to buy a fast-charging wall plug to go with it. It’s compatible with Apple and Galaxy phones and can even charge Airpods too. So hopefully, he’ll never run out of battery again! Available in store only.

‘World Atlas of Coffee: From beans to brewing – coffees explored, explained and enjoyed’ by James Hoffmann, published by Mitchell Beazley

Best: Coffee table book

Rating: 8/10

Split into three sections, this book is the go-to for everything he’ll want to know about coffee, from the section about each of the 35 coffee-producing countries, explaining the differences between their produce and process, to the other two sections which focus on everything from its history to the best way to brew it. Written by champion barista and coffee expert James Hoffman, it’s an insiders guide to the industry that any coffee aficionado will devour.

Clarins for men moisture balm, 50ml

Best: Face moisturiser

Rating: 9/10

Ok, so it moisturises well, it’s light and definitely isn’t greasy, but what’s our favourite thing about this cult-classic product? It’s the smell – a lovely clean and fresh light scent that will inspire him to use this every day. It’s also a travel-friendly size too, so there will always be room for this in his wash bag.

Small Beer Brew Co gift pack

Best: Beer gift pack

Rating: 9/10

Forget all misconceptions of low alcoholic beer, as here, they’re just that – misconceptions. This Bermondsey brewery has made top notch beers that are only 2.8 per cent ABV and below. This gift pack has four little stubby 350ml bottles (as the name suggests): a classic pilsner lager, a session pale, an amber and a dark lager. Our favourite is the lager, but we’re sure dad will enjoy finding his fave too.

But it doesn’t stop at just producing low ABV drinks that you’d never know were just that: the brand is also London’s first brewery to achieve B Copr certification. To do this, it’s met the highest sustainable and environmentally friendly standards – a status all responsible companies strive for, but it’s incredibly difficult to achieve. So with each sip, you know it’s all come from a good place, plus it’s vegan.

Blenheim Forge santoku handmade knife

Best: Chef’s knife

Rating: 9/10

We think a handmade knife is the ultimate home cook’s accessory. This Japanese inspired santoku knife, handmade in south east London’s Peckham, is a firm favourite with the likes of Nigella Lawson and Mark Hix, and uses Japanese blue paper carbon steel as its core and is covered with folded iron cladding, meaning it’s super strong and very sharp.

With its 180mm blade, this is the most versatile knife from the brand, owing to its shape, slightly curved blade and ability to chop a multitude of ingredients. We just know he’ll love showing off his knife skills in the kitchen with this.

Le Creuset toughened non-stick rectangular roaster

Best: For home chefs

Rating: 9/10

Made from heavy aluminium, this pan spreads heat evenly thanks to the stainless steel disc on the bottom, which is cleverly suitable for all heat sources from induction to gas and will revolutionise everything from the humble Sunday roast to one-pot veggie wonders. As with all the brand’s products, it should last a lifetime if well looked after. It does come with a 10-year guarantee and is dishwasher safe, so dad won’t have to spend hours scrubbing it clean in the sink.

Smythson Panama flat sandstone card holder

Best: Little luxury gift

Rating: 8.5/10

If your dad is always losing (sorry, misplacing) cards, or has a wallet about to burst with store cards and receipts, he needs a cardholder. And they don’t come smarter than Smythsons. It’s a real treat considering the price tag versus the size, but it’s beautifully crafted leather. It has two slots per side for cards, plus one in the middle. We’d advise not to overload it with cards (keep it to the essentials like bank card and ID) to keep its shape for longer, and it will last years. You can also personalise it too with initials on the bottom right, from £6.95 per letter.

The verdict: Father’s Day gifts

The best buy goes to the Fujifilm instax camera as it’s a really fun, easy to use gift that has longevity and keeps on giving with its prints. We also think the Lego’s porsche 911 brings together dad’s love of classic sports cars with everyone’s favourite building blocks that whiles away hours.

For those splashing out, we think you can’t go wrong with the Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven, but if you’re only after a token gift, the Small Beer Brew Co gift pack will go down a storm.

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