April 11, 2021


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Benefits of Blinds

People all around the world use blinds to make their homes beautiful. Besides giving your...
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People all around the world use blinds to make their homes beautiful. Besides giving your home good looks, there are numerous advantages that blinds have. So if you are looking for designer blinds at Bayside & at Brighton, it can be a great way to add beauty and value to your homes.

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You can control the amount of lighting you want to have, you can save the electricity as the blinds keep the direct sunlight away from your rooms. If you are still confused as to why you should buy blinds, here are some key benefits of blinds that’ll help you make the right decision.

  • Control over light

The foremost consideration that anyone makes while selecting a window covering is that how much amount of light or ultraviolet rays it can block or diffuse, especially during summers. Blinds have proven to be the best choice in this context. Blinds are available with varying sizes of slats and the flexibility to open, close and tilt in any manner. Curtains are a great way to diffuse light but shades can completely block the sunlight.

  • Style

Blinds are an added advantage as they are available with a wide range of styles, types, and shapes of windows. Whatever the design and pattern of your home are, blinds suit perfectly.

  • Color choice

You can find a large variety of color choices in the market nowadays, including the rare ones too such as teal, copper, etc. Pick up the one which best suits your requirements.

  • Durability

Unlike other window coverings, blinds are the most durable. Blinds made up of faux wood and aluminum are firm and reliable. The sturdiness and robustness of blinds make them ideal for long-term use.

  • Maintenance

Blinds are easy to maintain and clean against fabric-based window coverings. A damp or soft cloth is all you need to clean the dust from the blinds. While, curtains, window shades, and draperies need frequent washing.

  • Insulation

Blinds offer protection against ultraviolet rays and the scorching heat of the sun, especially in summers. This in turn also protects expensive furniture in the house. Also, in winters, keeping slats closed to restrict the cold air to enter the house.

  • Energy efficient

Blinds form a layer of insulation and stop the unwanted heat to enter the house in summer. Also, in winters, it helps retain heat. This reduces power consumption and saves energy costs and decreases carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Privacy

Along with their aesthetic appeal, blinds offer safety and privacy. Duette blinds are multi-functional that have the feature of hanging during the daytime, thereafter allowing light to pass through and drapery hanging at night allow complete privacy. Besides, some blinds have a child-safety feature that includes cordless operation, retractable cords, and even breakaway cord stops.

  • Motorized operation

It is possible to have a motor based control over blinds to regulate opening and closing of slats. The control is possible simply with a touch button voice commands. So, there is no more rolling and pulling of strings manually.