April 16, 2021


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Appliances Deliver the Goods | Kitchen & Bath Design News

Product Trends Project designed by Nick Masi, Morton Grove, IL. 2020 Kitchen & Bath Design...

Product Trends

During the past year, homeowners have taken a hard look at how their homes function for them. This scrutiny has often resulted in a dissatisfaction with a number of rooms, particularly the kitchen and the home office. The kitchen and bath industry is reaping the benefit of this displeasure, with many people embarking on a remodel to make their spaces work for how they live now.

In the kitchen, open-floor plans and islands with seating are still a go-to, but instead of entertaining, families are gathering in the space to eat, do homework, play games and prepare meals. In this time of increased focus on health, homeowners are also becoming more mindful of healthy eating and wellness, and preparing meals from scratch.

Appliances being chosen for current kitchen designs often deliver on the idea of keeping food fresh, accessibility to all family members, cooking safely and easy cleanup. Following are some of the features most appealing right now with regard to appliances.

• Dishwashers that can scrub pots and pans and yet be gentle on stemware are garnering interest.

• Built-in coffee makers are garnering interest as people are working at home and not stopping by their favorite coffee shop.

• Adding a second freezer or refrigerator is becoming a popular option, as homeowners stock up on staples due to fewer trips to the store.

• Undercounter microwaves and beverage refrigerators make it easy for all members of the family to have quick access to drinks and snacks.

• Refrigerators with specialized storage and air purification systems to keep food fresher for longer periods are in demand.

• Induction cooktops are gaining in popularity as they offer the precise cooking of gas without the necessary gas line.