In overall look Cork flooring appears to be like quite minor like the corks you come across in wine bottles. Cork flooring can be discovered in hues from the lightest ash to the darkest chocolate brown with a lot of texture decisions available as properly. Cork flooring is regarded to be as long lasting as most hardwoods, and is in a similar rate selection.

Cork tiles assist keep in heat, minimizing energy costs, and the slight give they retain even after finishing suggests they are at ease to wander on, quite uncomplicated on the back again and legs, creating it a great alternative for the kitchen, where by numerous of us shell out so a lot time on our toes.

So Cork is a incredibly eco-welcoming alternative for flooring but, as it comes from the Cork Oak tree, you might be thinking how that could be? Definitely these trees have to be felled and what is so eco-friendly about that? Having said that, that is not the case, the Cork is harvested from the trees relatively than having to chop them down and no harm at all comes to the trees them selves.

The Cork Oak is discovered all around the Mediterranean, most especially in Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, France, Italy and Tunisia. Alternatively than currently being felled, which is in truth illegal in numerous of these countries, the Cork Oak is “farmed” to provide the uncooked materials vital for creating cork flooring.

Cork harvesting includes no machinery it is performed by the expert hands of human beings as an alternative. Only the bark of the cork tree is eradicated by various sets of highly expert hands for each tree, frequently employing only smaller axes and an awful lot of abilities. The bark regrows promptly, which is why cork is this sort of an incredible renewable source. On regular, the Cork Oak tree has a lifespan of one hundred fifty to 250 a long time and it can be safely harvested up to twelve instances through that time period.

If you are considering about including new flooring to your home remodeling “to do” list and are also searching to go eco-friendly, talk to your reworking contractor about cork flooring as an substitute to more classic products. It might just incorporate a whole new dimension to your home that you experienced not regarded.