AC Condenser Repairs that Don’t Need Repairman

Most air conditioning unit condenser repair requires the expertise of air conditioning repairman or AC technician. Most of often than not, AC condenser repairs can really be costly. While most of AC problem would need the professional air conditioning repairman to fix the problem, there some basic do-it-yourself fix you can do to keep your AC running good and efficient.

The common cause of the major problems in any air conditioning unit is poor maintenance. A poorly maintained air conditioning system will perform poorly and often have short life span than those who are maintained properly. With some basic know-how on how to maintain and fix simple problem, an average homeowner don’t actually need AC repairman all the time. Here are some basic AC condenser maintenance and repair you can by yourself.

Perform regular clean up.Regular cleaning on your AC really matters. It would save you a lot of money from repair.  Cleaning your AC is one of easiest repair.  Remove plants and debris around the condenser area. Remove anything that is blocking or might block the moving parts of the condenser.

Keep the fan blade clean. Before getting your AC to work during summer, make sure that you had cleaned the fan blades. Turn off the power of your air conditioning unit and lightly clean the fan blades with a soft brush or handheld vacuum. Be careful so as not to break or bend the fan blades.

Check fan blades. Before turning on your air conditioning Perth after its long rest during winter, make sure that blades are positioned correctly and are not hitting anything when you turn it on.

Lubricate the condenser motor. Simple maintenance routine like keeping the condenser motor lubricated can help your entire air conditioning unit run efficiently. Make sure to use plainelectric motor oil in lubricating your condenser motor.

Place the condenser in a shade. AC condenser that is exposed to direct sunlight and to other natural elements is more susceptible to wear and tear. Direct sunlight in extreme Australian summer can cause the motor to overheat. It is advisable to place your condenser in shaded area with obstructing it.

Do run test. Occasionally do a run test on your air conditioning unit. Watch out for signs of leaks and other probable problem. If you notice problems like leaks or the motor don’t sound well, call air conditioning repair technician don’t wait until the problem escalates.