April 11, 2021


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7 Ways You Can Prepare Your Home For Winter

Two things you can always be sure of is that summer is too short, and...

Two things you can always be sure of is that summer is too short, and winter comes too quickly. To prepare for the long, cold months ahead, here are seven ways you can be sure to get your home ready for winter.


1. Window and Door Caulking

Gaps between glass panes and window frames can let a great deal of cold air into your home. Contact handyman services The Woodlands for caulking, sealing, and replacing before temperatures drop. The handyman can also check your doors and weather-stripping.

2. Exterior Faucets Insulation

Unhook your hoses from all outside faucets and drain the water from them. If you have shutoff valves to the outside water spigots, turn them off and open each of the faucets to drain excess water. Then cover each nozzle with an insulation shield – securing tightly against harsh winter winds.

3. Chimney and Flashing Inspection

Before you gather the family around the fireplace or toss the first log into your woodburning unit, make sure the chimney, vents, and lining are all in good condition. Call in a chimney cleaner at least every other year and have him or her check everything chimney-related while he or she is there.

4. Ceiling Fan Reversal

Instead of having your ceiling fan cool you off, flip the reversal switch to employ the fan to move the hot air from the ceiling back down into the room. Since hot air naturally rises, keeping the blades moving at a slow speed can gently push the warm air down.

5. Sprinkler and Pipe Draining

Even if you are a DIY pro, it is best to have a professional come drain your sprinkler and pipe system out in the yard. By making sure the water is gone, you can prevent burst pipes, broken heads, and a shattered timer.

6. Roof and Eave Inspection

While your handyman is at your home working on windows and doors, have him or her check your roof for signs of loose, damaged, or missing shingles or tiles. Checking the eaves for problems is also a good idea.

7. Heating System Checkup

Since your heating system has probably been sitting idle for many months, give it a checkup with a qualified technician before you start the unit. Try to make an appointment before cold nights arrive to avoid having your name put on a long waiting list.

Don’t wait until winter’s cold tendrils begin to snake into the rapidly cooling nights. Be proactive and protect your home from the harsh winter elements – and save yourself some home repair money.