April 13, 2021


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6 Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning

“Spring cleaning made easy” sounds ideal. The tradition of thorough house cleaning, when the cold winter...

“Spring cleaning made easy” sounds ideal. The tradition of thorough house cleaning, when the cold winter months come to a beautiful end, is anything but easy to master. Many see it as a time-consuming and strenuous duty. We want to summarise with this article with a few helpful tips for you, so that the whole thing is just a little easier. Of course, it is still hard work to get your own four walls ready for spring, but let’s be honest: the feeling after the completed large clean is already something beautiful and that is still worth a little effort. The following tips should make spring cleaning easy (or at least easier).

Winter equipment such as down coat, moon boots and ski equipment are now stowed away for a long time and there is room for new things. This custom of getting the apartment up to scratch once a year has its charms – even if it does not enjoy quite so much popularity in younger Australia.

  1. The Spring Cleaning Made Easy with The Right Playlist

First of all, one thing is certain: work is easier to complete if the right music is playing in the background. Even spring cleaning is easier from with the right background music. Create a spirited playlist and start clearing, scrubbing, polishing, washing and dusting. A little hip swing when vacuuming makes the whole thing a much more pleasant activity. There is also already compiled House Cleaning” playlist on YouTube or on Spotify. However, if you put the list together yourself, then you definitely meet your taste in music as well.

  1. Clean the Microwave Quickly and Easily

Old food scraps, which crust the inside of the microwave and are quite unappetising, can be removed much easier with this little household tip: For this you simply mix water and vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl and place in the running microwave for about 10 minutes. Take the bowl out and the otherwise hard encrusted dirt is easily wiped away. The Water-Vinegar mixture resulting from the heating softens the leftovers, making removal a breeze.

  1. Remove Lime Scale from The Shower Head

The shower head usually never looks as beautiful and shiny as on the day of its installation. Due to any calcifications, the water does not flow so well. With this “spring cleaning made easy” trick, it is not hard to bring it back to a nice shine. Just take a small plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Now attach the bag around the shower head so that it dips into the vinegar. Leave it soaking overnight and the cleaning is done almost by itself.

  1. Disinfect Cleaning Material

The cleaning cloth and the sponge develop into a true paradise for germs and bacteria, creating an unpleasant odour. Here is a little “spring cleaning made easy” – tip, how to get your cleaning utensils clean again.

Just take a half-full pot of water and let the water boil. Then you add half a cup of white vinegar and put in the rags. Let the water, cloth, and vinegar mixture boil for about 15 minutes. This kills all bacteria and eliminates bad odours. Thereafter, the mixture only has to cool down and the cloths are dried and then they are fully operational again. Of course, you can also easily buy new cloths, but this variant is certainly better for Mother Nature and also for your wallet.

  1. Always Have the Most Important Things At Hand

Similar to a workshop with a tool belt, spring cleaning always pays off to always have all the essentials at hand. Get an apron that has as many pockets as possible. A sponge, disinfectant spray and various other cleaning utensils you have so always at hand. This will certainly save you some time during the spring cleaning.

  1. Spring Cleaning Made Easy: Citrus for Real Shine

Especially with stainless steel, a lemon or lime is great for getting surfaces shiny. Just cut them in half and rub them over the dirty spots. Even hard to scrub stains and lime residues can be eliminated with the help of citrus fruits. An advantage: Instead of the smell of chemical cleaning agents spreads a fresh citrus fragrance.

If you do not have time for the spring cleaning, you can have it done by a cleaning company or even some Sydney removals companies have a house cleaning service.