April 11, 2021


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5 Ways to Clean a House in the Dry Season

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Not a few people who feel so lazy in the dry season. Don’t ask if they have cleaned the house. But the dust that settles at home in hot weather is certainly very disturbing.

From now on, stop lazy to clean the house, because of the more dust in the house, the more interference that makes you feel uncomfortable like coughing or other allergies.

To avoid this, here are 5 ways to clean your house in the dry season.

Clean up right away

How to clean the house that you can start is by preparing a broom or vacuum cleaner, then clean by washing the floor of the house. Also clean the yard, to remove dust due to hot weather. You can call the pressure washing services to get the best service for cleaning your home.

Wash the outside of the window

Continue to clean the outside window with any type of cleaner you like. Use a rubber squeegee or cleaning tool to dry the outside window panes. You can also hire the window cleaning services to do it with the best result.

Wash the inside of the window

Not only the outside of the window, but the inside also needs cleaning. Washing the sill, or window trellis, you can do with a damp cloth and then wipe it through a dry cloth.

Clean between furniture

Whatever type of furniture your home is like, carpets, chairs, cabinets, and tables do not forget to clean between the edges or the bottom of the carpet. Hot weather in the dry season brings dust between the edges of your house. If there is damaged furniture or appliance, you can sort it out at the same time and put it in a special place to be repaired by the appliance service and repair.

Clean the kitchen

How to clean the next house you can continue to clean furniture in the kitchen such as refrigerators, dish racks, to the sink. Also, pay attention to the bottom or between kitchen utensils that have become a den of dust due to hot weather.


If you are looking for or renting a house cleaning service, you must be careful in finding companies that provide home cleaning services with very good experience according to your needs.