5 Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Window

Bathrooms with windows look great. Windows are a great way to let in natural light and make the place brighter and inviting. They also make a small bathroom look spacious and add a new dimension to it. 

However, bathroom windows come in various designs and sizes. It is important to keep the following factors in mind while choosing one: 

  • Ventilation
  • The light that comes in
  • Privacy they provide
  • The operating mechanism

5 Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Window

Are you planning to add a window in your bathroom? Read on to understand how to choose the right type of bathroom window that will suit your space.

Choose the Type of Window

There are several window types for your bathroom and toilet, a few of which include:

  • Crank windows – These are windows that can be opened and closed using a crank mechanism. There are two styles of crank windows: casement windows and awning windows. Both are hinged and open outward. Since awning windows provide ventilation and also keep rain or snow from coming in, they are best suited for bathrooms.
  • Hopper windows – They open inward and downward. They are usually placed high on the wall. With such windows installed, rain or snow can come in, but they provide excellent ventilation.
  • Transom windows – These single, long windows allow light in. Since they do not open, they provide no ventilation. They are usually placed high on the wall or above the shower.
  • Textured glass windows – These windows come with patterns on one side, making them translucent and offering privacy. 

Go for Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are a perfect way to let natural light and air inside your bathroom. However, they can also let heat out or cold air in. When you opt for insulated windows, you can easily control the temperature you want to maintain inside your bathroom, thus saving on your energy bills. Look for an Energy Star label when you shop for bathroom windows.

Pick the Right Size

The size of the window depends on your budget, the amount of ventilation, and the privacy you want. Though bigger windows allow more light, huge windows also pose privacy concerns. A way to counteract the privacy issue is to install shutters and blinds; you can also have multiple windows. 

Bathrooms with multiple windows are well-ventilated. But while installing multiple windows, keep in mind that you should be able to open at least one window. Since bathrooms and shower areas are places with high humidity, by opening one of your bathroom windows for at least 15 minutes after you take a shower, you can lower the humidity level in the air. This also lessens the likelihood of damage due to moisture and other problems associated with poor ventilation, such as the spread of molds. The size and style of the windows should be in perfect harmony with the bathroom’s decor, fixtures, furniture, and floor plan. 

Install Windows with Privacy Glass

Do you want a bathroom with windows but also want to enjoy privacy? Privacy can be achieved by focusing on the texture of the glass and the placement of windows. Windows with frosted glass restrict visibility from the outside. Since they also allow a generous amount of light inside the room, they are a great option for bathroom windows. There are several types of frosted glass including sandblasted glass, acid etched glass, etc.

Do you want to enjoy a great view when you are taking a hot tub bath? By placing a bathroom window adjacent to a tub, you can enjoy an awesome view without compromising your privacy. Also, by positioning a bathroom window at the head level, no one from the outside will be able to see through.

Compare Window Costs and Performance

While choosing windows for bathrooms and toilets, you will be looking for windows that come under the budget you have in mind. Simple windows cost less than windows that operate on a mechanism like a crank or a slide. Factor in the installation and labor costs as well. When you are looking for windows with specific needs like energy efficiency, you might be confused because of the numerous brands that are available in the market. Reading reviews about each brand and model can help you make a learned decision on a particular brand or type of window.

Installing the right type of bathroom window can make a big difference to a windowless bathroom. If you are planning to construct or renovate your bathroom, include adding a bathroom window to your checklist. If you are looking for bathroom renovation services in New Jersey, you can contact RWC Windows, Doors & More. It has expert bathroom contractors who will help you with functional bathroom designs and ideas and help you have your dream bathroom.