5 Specialized Plumbing Services For The Home or Business

Plumbers in Texas are required to go through several classes, tests, and certifications in order to be a master in their profession. Some may be surprised to learn that a licensed plumber can do a lot more for your business or residence than unclogging a sink or replacing a toilet. Here are five specialized services a plumber can perform for your home or business that surpass many expectations.

Install Appliances

Plumbers are capable of installing a variety of new appliances and fixtures, both functional and decorative. If you need a new dishwasher, or a new shower head in your guest bathroom, then a plumber in Frisco can install any of that for you. Plumbers don’t just fix your leaking faucets; they can also update the entire plumbing system in your home by installing new pipes below your foundation. After all, “fixer-uppers” are very popular these days.

Backflow Prevention Testing

A plumber with a backflow testing certification is very useful to residences and a variety of businesses. Hospitals need backflow prevention devices to ensure the cleanliness of the water lines in surgical units; restaurants need the device on their soda machines to keep the carbon dioxide out of their freshwater lines. A homeowner may want a plumber to look at the backflow prevention device on sprinkler systems. Smelly yard waste should not enter your home’s water lines, so a backflow prevention device can keep your lines clean and clear.

Repair Gas Lines

Plumbers do not just work with water. In fact, they often do a lot of work with gas. If your home is equipped with gas, plumbers actually repair, install, and replace the gas lines. If your home is not equipped with gas lines, but you would prefer to cook on a gas stovetop, a plumber could install a propane tank on your property to give you the effect of cooking with gas on a gas stove. They can also repair the gas lines that supply a fireplace.

Water Filtration System Installation

There are several contaminants found in your drinking water. The most common chemical in your water line is chlorine. There can be enough chlorine in your water to keep a private swimming pool clean. A water filtration system is installed on your main water line to ensure chemicals and other contaminants do not reach your drinking water. Clean water promotes a healthier lifestyle and will also help cut back on your plastic use. Plumbers are the people to call if you want one installed in your home.

Remodel or Design Bathrooms

Plumbers who work in new construction can also remodel your bathroom. If you want a new shower head with a special water flow, a plumber can order you specialty parts to create a new vision for your home. On the business side of things, a plumber is the technician that creates the bathroom floor plans in new office buildings.

Plumbers are important front line workers who do a lot of work both in the business world and in the private home.