5 Heating and Air Conditioning Tips for Homeowners

Everyone today depends on air conditioners. Especially in the summer, when temperatures are unbearable, there’s no way you can get through the day without the AC.

You probably have an HVAC at home and work. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is usually referred for systems that are providing perfect temperatures through the place during all seasons. Learn more about these machines here: https://www.howtohome.com/hvac-systems-what-you-need-to-know/.

In this article, we’re going to share a couple of tips for all homeowners that are keen to take great care of their air conditioning systems. Read on if you want to know more about this topic!

1. Don’t push the HVAC to its limits

Most HVAC systems are made to work under certain temperatures. Their usual optimal working temperature is between 15 and 120 degrees. Of course, different models and brands will do a different job. Some are better than others and can work in much harder conditions.

People would say – why would I need an AC for temperatures where it is usually turned off? In that temperature span around 70 degrees, the AC is turned off.

The temperature span doesn’t mean that the AC will immediately stop working. It will go on and provide the work it needs, but it will work under conditions that are not meant for it. If you want to see if work longer and be durable as the commercial says it is, you’ll need to respect its working temperature.

If the temperature becomes much lower, the entire machine might freeze. It will damage the motor and ruin it completely. The same goes for higher temperatures in which some parts might melt. In both situations, the AC will suffer significant damages that might cost you buying an entirely new machine very soon.

2. Check home insulation for best HVAC performance

Some might argue that this is not a part of the HVAC maintenance issue, but it really is. Having perfect insulation at your home or office, you help the AC work smoothly. If the place is not insulated properly, the AC will need to struggle and always work twice as harder to reach the desired temperature.

If a certain machine works twice more than another, it is only logical that it will last twice shorter. All machines have a fixed amount of working hours after which it won’t be possible to use them anymore. The reason for this is that the parts inside get exhausted, and it’s impossible to keep up the same tempo.

3. Change air filters regularly

The air filter inside your AC prevents a lot of contaminants get out of it through the air pipes. If the filter isn’t there all these bacteria will be floating through the air. You and your family will breathe it. Some of these can cause serious respiratory problems.

All ACs have a filter inside that needs maintenance. If the filter gets clogged, the motor will need to use more power to run and reach the desired temperature. The air won’t be flowing through the filter and the air conditioner will have a harder time achieving the desired temperature.

The worst part of the whole deal is that after some time working harder, the system will start experiencing failures. It will become harder to maintain it and soon the entire console will be ready to hit the dumpster.

That’s why it’s important to check your HVAC system regularly. Clean the filters and get them back inside. This is not a complex work and everyone can do it. After a year or two, you can completely replace them because this is how your entire unit will last longer.

4. Clean the outdoor unit regularly

The outdoor unit needs space to work properly. When the people who installed the system placed the outdoor unit, they certainly left a couple of inches off the walls in all directions. The main side, where the unit draws the air, must be completely opened, but the rest of it can be close to the wall.

Still, this term close to the wall doesn’t mean it to be completely taped to it. The workers certainly left a couple of inches so the air will flow.

This gap is often a place where dirt getters. Leaves, plastic bags, or whatever the wind blew in its direction. They are stuck inside and make it harder for the machine to work properly.

What you need to do here is to take this dirt out. It’s nothing complex. Simply turn off the machine so it won’t blow air into your face, and get a paper beg to store the dirt inside. That’s all you need to do to provide a better working environment for your outdoor unit.

5. Have regular professional maintenance

Aside from your efforts and cleaning, which will help the work of your HVAC system, there’s a need for regular professional maintenance. You need to call the pros once a year. They will open the entire machine and see how it is going from the inside.

This is something you can’t handle on your own. The professionals understand what they are looking at. If there’s a particular cable loose, you won’t notice it, but they will certainly see that something’s not right. See what these guys do on the link: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/hvac-technician-525980.

The best thing is for them to come, check it out, see that nothing’s wrong, and just close it back as it was. That means you’re doing great with your part of the maintenance, and they have nothing to do more to make it work better.  


If you want to have a great working HVAC, you must do some maintenance because the more care you give to your HVAC system, the longer it will serve you. These 5 tips will surely guide you on how to do it properly. You have to remember that it is an expensive technology and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.