40 Expensive Mistakes You’re Making Around Your House That Are Easy To Fix

I like to think that I’m smart with money. From budgeting my finances to shopping clearance sales, I’ve gotten pretty good at making my dollars stretch further than normal — however, there are still some expensive mistakes that I find myself making around the house on a regular basis. Luckily, many of these mistakes are easy to fix and can be remedied with help from some of the useful Amazon products I’ve gathered for you below.

Frankly, I’m not sure how I functioned without a few of these items — like the set of drawer liners that help keep produce from going bad. It’s great for anyone who always finds themselves wasting money on new salad bags, as they’ll help keep your greens fresher for longer. And since the name of the game is saving money, I’ve made sure that every item you’ll find below is more than reasonable in price.

So what are you waiting for? These expensive mistakes won’t fix themselves — and that spinach in the back of your fridge might be on the verge of spoiling.


Mistake: Misplacing Your Batteries & Constantly Buying New Ones

Solution: Storing Them In This Compact Battery Case

Every home has that one drawer filled with loose batteries — so if yours does too, take a look at this organizer. There’s space for up to 180 batteries, ranging from slim triple-As to larger Ds. Plus, each order includes a tester so that you can dispose of any old batteries.


Mistake: Always Leaving Your Lights On

Fix: Using Lights That Have Built-In Motion Sensors

There’s no complicated wiring necessary when it comes to installing these LED bars, as they only need three AA batteries (which are not included) to provide up to 125 hours of light. The best part? Each one features a built-in motion sensor, preventing them from turning on and wasting the batteries when no one is around.


Mistake: Wasting Money On Disposable Water Bottles

Fix: Switching Over To These Sleek Reusable Glass Ones

Unlike the plastic water bottle you’ve been sipping from, these glass ones are reusable, look good, and feature stainless steel caps that won’t rust over time. But if that isn’t enough? One reviewer wrote, “They are just the right weight and have a good thickness to the glass.”


Mistake: Leaving Your Bread Out & Letting It Go Stale

Fix: Keeping Loaves Inside Of This Box

Tired of your bread going stale before you can finish eating it? This box can help keep it fresher for longer, as the small holes in the back allow air to circulate through. It’s large enough for about two loaves — and the sleek stainless steel exterior is bound to look good sitting out on your counters.


Mistake: Misplacing Spices On Your Spice Rack

Fix: Labeling These Glass Jars To Keep Everything Organized

If you’re looking for cute ways to decorate your kitchen, try transferring your spices out of those plastic shakers and into these glass jars. They come with a small funnel, pre-printed labels, as well as some blank ones that you can customize yourself. And since the jars are airtight, they can even help keep your spices fresh for longer periods of time.


Mistake: Accidentally Undercooking Or Overcooking Your Meals

Fix: Check Food Temps With This Meat Thermometer

With its backlit LCD screen, you shouldn’t have any problem reading this meat thermometer while you’re grilling outside at night. There’s also a helpful meat temperature guide printed right on the handle — just in case you need a reminder — and the waterproof casing allows you to rinse it off in the sink.


Mistake: Losing Important Documents Over Time

Fix: Storing Them Inside Of This File Box

Be honest — do you know where your birth certificate is? If you aren’t sure, it might be time to grab this file box for all your important documents. Sturdy, leather-like sides help keep everything inside safe, and the corners are even reinforced for added durability. Choose from three colors: black, white, or printed.


Mistake: Accidentally Leaving The Coffee Bag Open

Fix: Pouring Beans & Grounds Into This Canister

Leaving your coffee grounds or beans inside the flimsy bag they arrived in is a quick way to wind up with stale-tasting coffee — so grab this canister. Its airtight seal helps keep your coffee fresh, and each order includes a small scoop. Plus, you can also use it to store dry ingredients, like sugar or tea.


Mistake: Installing A Super-Expensive Doorbell

Fix: Saving Some Cash With This Affordable Alternative

Speaking of affordable home upgrades, this wireless doorbell is available for less than $20 — so you really don’t have any reason not to buy it. It has a range of up to 1,000 feet, which is probably enough to cover at least the first floor of your home. Plus, each order comes with batteries included.


Mistake: Losing Produce In The Back Of Your Fridge

Fix: Keeping Everything Organized Inside Of These Bins

Apples, oranges, parsley, limes — these fridge bins are perfect for all sorts of loose produce. You can also use them to keep jars and cans organized in your pantry, as the handle on the front makes it easy to slide them in and out. One reviewer even wrote, “This holds 11 jars easily, now I can find the flavor I need quickly by just pulling out the bin instead of having to dig through our entire supply…”


Mistake: Letting Open Snacks Spoiling In Your Pantry

Fix: Keeping Them Inside Of These Airtight Containers

It’s easy to accidentally leave an open snack bag in the pantry, only to find it stale the next day. These food storage containers can help prevent that from happening, thanks to their airtight builds and chalkboard labels. Four arrive in each pack, which means you can store anything from pasta to rice and cookies.


Mistake: Not Protecting Furniture From Your Cats

Fix: Putting This Protective Barrier On Your Couch

If your cat likes to scratch furniture, this barrier might just be a total game-changer. Not only does it protect your sofa from claws, but the adhesive backing makes it easy to stick into place. “No scratching and the shields are hardly noticeable on my light beige furniture,” raved one reviewer.


Mistake: Piling Expensive Purses Into Your Closet

Fix: Storing Them Inside Of This Protective Organizer

With six slots made from protective clear plastic, this organizer opens up space in your closet and helps protect your purses from damage. Or, if you’d rather keep your bags elsewhere, you can also use it to store rolled towels. Choose from four colors: black, gray, java, or white.


Mistake: Ordering Take-Out For Every Meal

Fix: Making Food For The Whole Week With These Prep Containers

Instead of ordering take-out every night, why not use these meal prep containers to figure out your food for the entire week? They’re made from sleek borosilicate glass, making them safe to put into ovens up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Each one is even 100% BPA-free.


Mistake: Leaving Lint In Your Dryer Vent

Fix: Removing It With This Vacuum Attachment

A clogged dryer has to work harder to produce heat, which can result in higher energy bills — so grab this vacuum attachment. It’ll help you remove all that leftover lint so that your dryer works as efficiently as possible. Plus, the flexible lint brush grabs any pieces that the vacuum couldn’t reach.


Mistake: Letting Veggies Go Bad In The Fridge

Fix: Adding These Liners To The Veggie Drawers

Whether your lettuce is wilting or your tomatoes are getting mushy, these liners will absorb excess moisture to help keep all sorts of veggies fresher for longer. You can also trim them to fit produce drawers, or even cut them into strips and add them to smaller bags and boxes.


Mistake: There’s Hair Clogging Up Your Shower

Fix: Putting One Of These Covers Over The Drain

Place one of these covers over your shower drain, and it’ll help keep hair and other bits of debris from clogging up your pipes. They’ll also work in sinks, and have a nonslip exterior that helps keep them from shifting out of place. The best part? One reviewer wrote, “Every drain in my house is a different size but these fit every one of them…”


Mistake: Chairs Are Leaving Scratches On Your Floors

Fix: Adding These Silicone Covers To The Chair Legs

Designed to fit onto nearly any type of furniture leg, these covers are perfect for preventing scratches as your chairs, sofas, and more slide across the floor. They’re made from transparent silicone, giving them a subtle look that’s hardly noticeable — and reviewers appreciated how they’re “easy to put on.”


Mistake: Accidentally Shutting Cabinets Too Fast

Fix: Softening The Impact With These Bumpers

Add these bumpers to the insides of your cabinet doors, and they’ll soften the impact whenever they accidentally slam shut. Not only are they great for helping prevent damage, but you can also use them to prevent scratches by sticking them underneath vases, boxes, and more.


Mistake: Letting The AC Leak Underneath Your Doors

Fix: Sealing Up Gaps With This Draft Stopper

If your utility bill is on the higher side, this draft stopper can help insulate your home by sealing up the gaps underneath doors. And if you like to sleep in on the weekends, try adding one to your bedroom door, as it can also help block light and sound.


Mistake: Accidentally Scratching Your Leather Sofa

Fix: Hiding Damage With Help From This Repair Kit

Having your leather sofa professionally restored can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas this repair kit is available for less than $25. It’s suitable for use on nearly any type of leather — simply mix the colors until they match your upholstery, then paint over any scratches to conceal them from sight.


Mistake: Excess Moisture Ruining Your Cabinets

Fix: Letting This Cordless Dehumidifier Work Its Magic

Whether your cabinets or shelves are a little too damp, this small dehumidifier can help absorb some moisture. It’s completely cordless, nor does it require any batteries — just make sure that the silica gel beads on the inside are fresh. If so, they can help dry out your air for up to 30 days.


Mistake: Leaving Holes In The Walls From Old Decorations

Fix: Repairing Them With This Easy-To-Use Putty

Unlike regular plaster, this putty shouldn’t shrink, crack, or flashback in photos — and the handheld applicator is also significantly easier to use than spackle. Simply rub it over the hole in a circular motion, dust away any excess, then paint over the hole once dry — it’s that easy.


Mistake: Constantly Buying Rolls Of Paper Towels

Fix: Switching Over To These Reusable Ones

Not only can these reusable paper towels help you save money in the long run, but they’re also made from thick organic cotton that can hold more water than disposable towels. Once they get dirty, just toss them into the wash for a quick, easy clean.


Mistake: Bending Charging Cables Until They Fray

Fix: Keeping Them In Good Condition With These Cable Savers

Made from flexible silicone, these cable savers give your wires a little extra support to help keep them from fraying. Installation is as easy as sliding them down your charging cable — and many reviewers appreciated how they “stay put,” so there’s no need for constant readjustment.


Mistake: Forgetting To Close Your Fridge & Letting The Cold Air Out

Fix: Attaching This Alarm Onto The Door

Leaving your fridge open is an easy way to wind up with spoiled produce, so why not put this alarm on the door? It’ll go off after one and two minutes — but once the door has been left open for three minutes, the alarm will sound continuously until you come back and close it.


Mistake: Swinging Doors Are Opening Into Your Walls

Fix: Putting These Protectors Where Handle Meets Wall

Accidents do happen, which is why putting these protective pads on your walls is never a bad idea. They’ll absorb the impact from door knobs, helping keep your walls safe from damage. And since each one is backed with adhesive, there’s no drilling required — just stick them right into place.


Mistake: Spending Money On To-Go Breakfast Every Morning

Fix: Cooking At Home With This Sandwich Maker

If you ask me, something about buying breakfast out just tastes better than cooking it at home — unless you have this sandwich maker. Simply add your own ingredients, and it’ll cook all of them to perfection in just a few quick minutes. Cleanup is also a total breeze, as all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.


Mistake: Leaving Your Sliced Avocados Open

Fix: Storing Them Inside Of This Airtight Container

With its airtight seal and oblong shape, this container can help keep your avocados fresh in between meals. It’s reusable as many times as you need, making it more cost-efficient than plastic wrap. And if you don’t like avocados, it’s also available for onions and tomatoes.


Mistake: Piling Mugs In The Cabinet & Accidentally Chipping Them

Fix: Using These Platforms To Stack Them Upright

Mugs can take up a ton of room in your cabinets — but with these platforms, you’ll be able to stack them on top of each other without having to worry about any chipping. One size is large enough to fit nearly any mug. One reviewer also wrote, “I can now fit all my mugs in my cupboard and I don’t have to get rid of some!”


Mistake: Not Finishing Your Coffee Before It Gets Cold

Fix: Keeping It Warm On This Heated Coaster

In my opinion, fresh coffee just doesn’t taste the same if you have to warm it up in the microwave. Luckily, this heated coaster is available for less than $30. Three temperature settings let you adjust how warm your coffee gets, and it’s suitable for various types of mugs.


Mistake: Accidentally Shrinking Clothes In The Dryer

Fix: Letting Them Gently Dry On This Rack

Not all clothes can be sent through the dryer; that’s why it’s never a bad idea to have this clothes-drying rack on hand. There’s space for up to nine garments, and its small footprint means it won’t take up too much space. Plus, it easily folds down when you aren’t using it.


Mistake: Throwing Away Toothpaste Before It’s Empty

Fix: Using These Rollers To Squeeze Out That Last Bit

Try squeezing one of these rollers down your toothpaste — even if you think it’s empty. They’ll help you save money by getting every last drop out, and you can even reuse them as many times as you like. The best part? You can use them with all sorts of tubes, including paint, creams, and more.


Mistake: Setting Hot Plates & Glasses Onto Your Table

Fix: Using These Placemats To Help Prevent Damage

No matter how careful you are, scratches are usually still bound to pop up on your table; that’s why these placemats are such a good buy. Not only do they help protect your surfaces from damage, but they’re also heat-resistant up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose from eight different colors.


Mistake: Losing Makeup When It’s Cluttered On Your Vanity

Fix: Keeping Your Space Tidy With This Transparent Organizer

With space for lipsticks, palettes, blenders, spray bottles, and more, this makeup organizer is an easy solution to that cluttered vanity. It’s made from sleek acrylic, with smooth-gliding drawers that easily slide open. One reviewer even wrote, “It is big enough to store a lot of your everyday makeup but still not so big that it looks obnoxious on the bathroom counter or on your makeup vanity.”


Mistake: Leaving Marks On Your Tables From Water Rings

Fix: Putting Your Drinks On Top Of These Stylish Silicone Coasters

Sometimes, even if you’re using a coaster, condensation can build up and spill onto your table — but not with these coasters. Ridges along the base lift your cups up so that water can collect down below, helping keep your table safe from moisture. Plus, they even come in six different colors.


Mistake: Throwing Your Keys Down & Losing Them When You Walk In

Fix: Mounting This Organizer In Your Entryway

If you ask me, the easiest way to remember where you put your keys is to put them back in the same place every time. Add this organizer to your entryway, and you’ll instantly have storage hooks for up to five sets of keys. Plus, there’s even a small shelf for photos, mail, and more.


Mistake: Forgetting To Water Your House Plants

Fix: Moving Your Plants Into These Self-Watering Pots

These self-watering pots have large reservoirs that can hold enough water to keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks, thanks to the small, absorbent cotton ropes that help transfer the water when needed. Plus, the transparent bases make it easy to see exactly how much water is left. There are two colors to choose from: gray and white.


Mistake: Leaving The Lights On All Day Long

Fix: Installing These Smart Bulbs That You Can Control On Your Phone

If you often leave the lights on during the day, consider taking a look at these smart bulbs. The downloadable app lets you change their colors, adjust the brightness, as well as put them on schedules so that they’re on when you come home. Or, if you have a smart assistant like Alexa, you can even control them using voice commands.


Mistake: Spilling Drinks On Your Nice Furniture

Fix: A Cupholder That You Can Use On Your Bed & Sofa

Don’t have a nightstand or coffee table? Not a problem when you have this cupholder, as you can set it on top of beds, sofas, and more. The holes expand to fit most cups or mugs, and the removable cover is easy to clean — just in case of spills. There’s even a handle that makes it simple to transfer from room to room.