April 13, 2021


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4 creative ideas for metro tiles

Metro tiles are the type of tiles that arte highly versatile and can be used...

Metro tiles are the type of tiles that arte highly versatile and can be used in plenty of ways with some creativity, to bring out amazing designs and ideas for any part of the home. The metro tiles are the ones that are in the shape and size of a brick but they are tiles in real. If you too like to have the metro tiles and you are looking forward to use them for some part of your property, but not sure how, these five amazing ideas would prove helpful for you. You can also visit https://www.ozgtiling.com.au/

  1. Create interesting patterns

With the metro tiles, you can create patterns that are unique and can give a personalized feel to the wall. You can create linear, vertical and mixed patterns by mixing tiles of different colors and textures. You could contrast colors, create monochromatic themes or some other patterns and vibrant schemes. You could also contrast your metro tiles on the walls with the tiles on the floor. 

  1. Be creative with the colors

If you know how to play with the colors, you can bring something amazing out of the metro tiles. One colored wall gives a very peaceful effect so that you can look at it and feel the vastness of the room. For example, a wall in white or pale white will make your room look spacious and would give a very peaceful feel to the room. Similarly, adding some textured or colored tiles, can help create a focal area on the wall.

  1. Create a feature wall

With the help of the metro tiles, there is no end to the possibilities that you can create. You can use the metro tiles in different colors and patterns and create a feature wall that would add color and depth to the room. If you have a large room and you want to split it into sections, you could use the variants of metro tiles for that as well.

  1. Use high gloss metro tiles

If your room is small in size and looks dark, you can make use of the high gloss metro tiles to bring light to the room and make it appear spacious as well. the reflection from these glossy tiles makes the room appear large and you feel more peaceful in it compared to a compact room.