Secrets of People Whose Houses Always Smell Amazing



When it comes to a home, an important part of a first impression is the scent that greets a person walking through the front door. When people walk into your home, their senses immediately take in the atmosphere. Is the home clean, neat, and organized? Is it cluttered and messy? The eyes of those who enter can quickly assess how clean and neat a home is, and at the same time, the first breath a visitor takes in your home can give the impression of a clean, welcoming scent, or a dirty, musty odor that makes your home unappealing.

If you’ve cleaned your home and it looks neat and attractive but still smells like dirty laundry, must and mold, or like your dog, the first impression a visitor gets of your home may not be what you’d hope for.

We all know people whose homes not only always look clean and clutter-free, but also smell amazing when you walk in the door. So how do they do it? Is there something they know that you don’t know? What are some tips to make a home smell clean, fresh, and welcoming?


Removing Must is a Must


No matter how clean and neat your home is, it will still greet people at the door with an unpleasant musty odor if you’re home has mold, or the atmosphere inside your home contains too much moisture. High humidity levels inside a home will cause your cooling and heating unit to have to work much harder to control the temperature inside your home, and often they can’t keep up with it. This allows the air inside your home to gain that musty odor that you might not even notice yourself anymore, but it hits visitors in the face like a dirty sock.

If you notice frequent condensation on the inside of windows in your home, or small black mold and mildew spots growing on the walls of your home, it’s a sign that you need a dehumidifier. A good dehumidifier will reduce the moisture level in your home and keep the house free of the dampness that results in mustiness and mold. This is a hugely important tip to get your home started in the direction of always smelling welcoming when people walk through your door.


Simmer Scents


Anytime the atmosphere inside your home needs a quick lift, or when you are preparing for visitors, an easy and natural way to fragrance your home is to create a simmer pot. You can easily throw into a pot of simmering water items you already have in your kitchen to instantly fragrance your home. You can cut apples and oranges into quarters and toss them into the pot, along with spices like cinnamon and cloves, and let the sweet and spicy fragrance fill your home with a scent resembling Christmas morning. Add a splash of vanilla extract and your home will smell as though you’ve spent the whole day baking delicious treats. 


De-Stink Your Sink


If your …

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