Introduction to Mixed Reality in the Construction Industry

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Mixed Reality is a promising and digital technology which combines augmented and virtual reality to create a mixed reality environment where physical space and digital elements can interact side by side.  It encompasses both realities with immersive technology which lets the user see the existing space entitled with hologram data taken from BIM Services Model.  

Mixed Reality comes into the picture when companies take and interact with information. It enables both hardware and software to collaborate with both on-site and off-site conditions in order to track the tasks performed with constant feedback and changes. It allows Architects, Owners, Construction Workers and Others to view partially completed project and model that overlays with the physical environment using handsets. 

 Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed reality gadget which includes unique components and custom holographic technology processing unit which allows people to go beyond the screen and part them into both the realities. Mixed Reality often works where safety requirement is mandated.

Mixed Reality is another form of Augmented Reality which showcases digital images on virtual view of the real world. Mixed Reality works when images are anchored to the real-world objects that ensure the model is accurate and user positioned about the project move. 

Mixed Reality in construction would mean that digital and real content co-exist where the design get impacted with reality and makes the construction team transform digital content into physical objects. It helps to interpret the relationship between physical and digital information. 

How mixed reality enhances construction projects?

Mixed Reality supports complex design and modeling processes that improves chances for BIM Coordination Services across projects.  Construction companies have transformed from mixed reality in terms of communication flow through immersive technology experience. Mixed Reality is the combination of real and virtual reality that has worked well for construction companies to manipulate models and coordinate throughout the building’s lifecycle with updated worksite. 

Devices or software of Mixed Reality has been able to provide value to the construction projects where these devices can easily map out the physical environment with holographic data presented by on-site conditions. 

Advanced Mixed Reality can give access to the user to virtually have a tour of the project to scale out the route changes and RFIs frequently and also enhances the pre-construction process. Identifying the issues in the early design stage can reduce rework and at the end provide you with a coordinated model. 

It provides useful benefits to the construction companies in terms of shorten the project schedule, reduce costs, eliminate rework, on-site assembly, scheduling the task and supervising it with asset management. It helps deliver accountability to the workers to know which tasks needs to be accumulated by them and initiate feedback to resolve BIM Clash Detection Services, model analyzing and as-built environment. When the model is overlaid with the physical environment, precise collaboration and coordination is possible between the projects.  

Mixed Reality in the construction industry helps to coordinate with project, identifies clashes and assures quality control at the early design phase of …

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