Console Tables from Bellavista Collection: Always at Place,Wherever You Place Them

Consoles are tables, which are very flexible when it comes to their use. You can blend a console table into your interior in numerous ways. They are intended to be versatile and play any role its owner can think of.

Where to place a console table equally depends on your needs and on your personal preferences. There can be so many ideas, and people’s homes differ so much, so no wonder that console tables differ greatly. Look at the consoles at the website of Bellavista Collection, well-known for its selection of Italian luxury furniture. You’ll instantly notice how diverse these tables are. Although there aren’t many consoles on the list – just nine in total, they are so different that anybody can pick the one which will successfully fit into the particular interior.

Consoles usually are narrower than, say, dining tables. For instance, RETRO and CONSOLA are 45 centimeters deep (which is 17.7 inches); ELIZABETH and STEWART– 40 centimeters (15.7 in.); and EIFFEL CONSOLE is 36 centimeters (14.2 in.) deep. It means that you can place such consoles where there isn’t much space – in a lobby, or beside a wall in a smaller room. A console often is at its place under a mirror, or beside the entrance. In any home there is plenty of stuff to put on its top…

Take a look at MAO and RITZ consoles: their elegant design suggests that they’ll add spice to your room if you place each of them at the very entrance.

Both these pieces were designed in 2018 and belong to Dulcechina Collection, which drew plenty of attention at prestigious trade exhibitions last year. Attilio Zanni, a brilliant all-round designer who has been creating designs for Bellavista Collection for many years, admitted that when working on those pieces, he was inspired by Oriental motifs. It’s really so – if you look at either of these two consoles, you will clearly feel specific aura of Orient.

With its name reminding of modern China, MAO console bears certain Chinese traits in its design as well. Charming and elegant, MAO has every chance to become your favorite furniture piece.

Its tabletop is decorated with natural Vienna straw, which happily blends with bronze and wood. The feet and details of the console are made of brass with antique bronze finish, and the structure is wooden, with seven wood options available for its veneering. So, if you pick MAO, you’ll have to choose among four kinds of oak and three – of American walnut.

Name of the second console – RITZ – reminds of luxury. Looking at its backlit top made of natural onyx, you will definitely agree that this table looks luxurious.

Bellavista routinely applies LED lighting in its wardrobes, bar units, cabinets, and the like. Backlighting in RITZ is unique because it’s an integral part of the tabletop rather than being optional, like in all other Bellavista’s pieces. Backlighting emphasizes the natural beauty of the thick slab of natural white onyx, which …

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