Is It Possible to Hoard Responsibly?: Organization Tips and Tricks

When you think of hoarding, you probably picture houses so full of things that it’s impossible to move. This type of hoarding is likely indicative or a hoarding disorder, which is a mental health condition. It is dangerous to people’s health and poses a risk of fire and even getting crushed. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who likes to keep lots of possessions automatically has a hoarding disorder. Generally, hoarding becomes a problem when it starts to affect a person’s quality of life.

If you’re someone who likes to keep sentimental items or even a practical person who doesn’t like to throw something away, in case you find a use for it, you can have a lot of things but keep everything organised.

Use Proper Home Storage

If you want to keep your home organised, the worst thing you can do is just leave things wherever there’s space. That’s how you can end up with piles upon piles of things that are completely disorganised. Having plenty of storage at home will help you to organise your things and stop everything from taking over your home. Of course, storage only works well if you use it, so make sure you actually put things away when you’re not using them.

Clear Out Your Home Regularly

When you have a big clearout of your home, it can be very satisfying when you’re finally done. But over time, your stuff can start to build up again, especially if you often keep useful things or you’re an impulse shopper. To make sure that you stay on top of everything, you should clear out your home regularly. Every few months, take a look around to see what you should keep and what should go.

There are lots of tricks you can use to help you. For example, hang your clothes up facing backwards, and turn them the right way when you wear them. If there are any items still facing backwards after six months to a year, you probably don’t wear them enough to keep.

Give Everything Its Place

Once you have plenty of storage in your home, you should use it smartly. One of the best things you can do is it ensure everything in your home has its own place. Designate a storage area for everything, from clothes to pots and pans, and even all of those small items that never really seem to have a proper storage space. When everything has a place, you can return things to their rightful place when you’re finished with them.

Hire a Storage Space

Got too much stuff that’s taking over your home? If you can’t bear to let go of it, hiring a storage space like this one can be a smart way to create more space and organise your things. Once you have a bit more space to work with, you can decide what should go into storage and what can stay at home. There are plenty of things that you might want to …

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Why is My Website Loading So Slowly?

Having a unique website is definitely a privilege, however if a beautiful website takes a long loading time, the chances of your users staying on your site would be extremely low and thus, in this day and age, a website’s loading speed is one of the most important factors in deciding a website’s success. If a website is loading slowly, this would decrease your users’ time on site and increase your users’ bounce rate. In addition, this might affect your organic rankings on Google’s search engine results page detrimentally as well. All in all, they will affect your website’s conversion rate as well.

Image result for website loading slowly

In this article, we will discuss a top reasons why your website might be loading and how should you go about to fix them. At the end of it all, if you are still confused and need a professional, feel free to engage a website design services Singapore specialist to assist you with your site immediately.

Render-Blocking JavaScript

JavaScript can actually delay your pages loading speed. Whenever one tries to load up a website on a browser, the browser has to load all the JavaScript files first. Sometimes, a render-blocking JavaScript might be preventing the page from loading quickly. One can consider using incline JavaScript instead or to remove external JavaScript files. The highly recommended method would be to defer JavaScript loading until the rest of the page has been displayed to the user.

Too Much Overhead 

Overtime, there might be many plugins that are being utilized on your website, and thus things like logs and transients can build up over time and fall into the category of overhead. This can cause your database to take longer to load, and that is why it is common to encounter a time out because the time taken to load the database is too long.


CSS is the code that is responsible for styling the website’s pages. Consider combining your CSS files into one file and use inline CSS instead.

Caching Issues

Caching happens when a browser stores static copies of a website’s data, and when users access your site again, the browsers can display the cached data instead of reloading everything again. If you are using a WordPress website, you can install a plugin to send a request deleted cached data after the page has been redesigned or upgraded.

Big Media Files

Having large media files should be avoided. This will severely affect your site’s loading speed negatively. Consider compressing the files and re-uploading the photos again.

In conclusion, more often than not, there are usually opportunities that are unnoticed for optimization. One can always start by using those free programs online to do a simple diagnosis and then progressively optimizing parts of the website.…

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