How Many Years Do Lithium Ion Batteries Last in an Arc Lighter?

If the voltage of a lithium-ion cell drops below a certain level, the battery is no longer good. Lithium-ion batteries drain, they only last about two years.  The battery will not last longer when not in use. So do not avoid using the battery thinking the battery will last five years.

Do lithium ion batteries need to be fully charged before first use?

Li-ion batteries do not need to be fully charged before first use.

According to Battery University, a staggeringly exhaustive resource on the topic, a lithium-ion battery that goes through 100 percent DoD (the user runs it down all the way to zero before recharging) can degrade to 70 percent of its original capacity in 300-500 cycles. With a DoD of 25 percent, where the user plugs a lithium-ion battery in as soon as it gets to 75 percent remaining, that same battery could be charged up to 500 times before it starts to seriously degrade. It is the duty cycle that matters the most.

Lithium-ion batteries despise heat

What’s far more dangerous to a battery’s well-being is heat. Lithium-ion batteries despise heat.

Do not leave your usb lighter sitting in the sun.

Do not keep your battery completely discharged for long periods of time.

DO NOT over charge your battery.

DO NOT charge your lithium ion devices over night.

Can you use the arc lighters in cold weather?

Yes you can. The arc lighters can not be stored in cold temperatures but you can store them at room temperature and go outside at -40 and ignite your bbq or campfire. If you go snowmobiling as long as you keep your lighter in your inside jacket pocket your body temperature will keep it warm enough to ignite in cold temperatures.

How do I clean the Arc Lighter?

Residues can build up around the tip of the lighter which can affect the operation of the lighter.  Use only a clean dry brush or cloth to gently brush the tip. Do not use any abrasives or liquid cleaner. Ensure the tip of your Arc Lighter is clean at all times to get the best performance of your lighter.…

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Is It Possible to Hoard Responsibly?: Organization Tips and Tricks

When you think of hoarding, you probably picture houses so full of things that it’s impossible to move. This type of hoarding is likely indicative or a hoarding disorder, which is a mental health condition. It is dangerous to people’s health and poses a risk of fire and even getting crushed. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who likes to keep lots of possessions automatically has a hoarding disorder. Generally, hoarding becomes a problem when it starts to affect a person’s quality of life.

If you’re someone who likes to keep sentimental items or even a practical person who doesn’t like to throw something away, in case you find a use for it, you can have a lot of things but keep everything organised.

Use Proper Home Storage

If you want to keep your home organised, the worst thing you can do is just leave things wherever there’s space. That’s how you can end up with piles upon piles of things that are completely disorganised. Having plenty of storage at home will help you to organise your things and stop everything from taking over your home. Of course, storage only works well if you use it, so make sure you actually put things away when you’re not using them.

Clear Out Your Home Regularly

When you have a big clearout of your home, it can be very satisfying when you’re finally done. But over time, your stuff can start to build up again, especially if you often keep useful things or you’re an impulse shopper. To make sure that you stay on top of everything, you should clear out your home regularly. Every few months, take a look around to see what you should keep and what should go.

There are lots of tricks you can use to help you. For example, hang your clothes up facing backwards, and turn them the right way when you wear them. If there are any items still facing backwards after six months to a year, you probably don’t wear them enough to keep.

Give Everything Its Place

Once you have plenty of storage in your home, you should use it smartly. One of the best things you can do is it ensure everything in your home has its own place. Designate a storage area for everything, from clothes to pots and pans, and even all of those small items that never really seem to have a proper storage space. When everything has a place, you can return things to their rightful place when you’re finished with them.

Hire a Storage Space

Got too much stuff that’s taking over your home? If you can’t bear to let go of it, hiring a storage space like this one can be a smart way to create more space and organise your things. Once you have a bit more space to work with, you can decide what should go into storage and what can stay at home. There are plenty of things that you might want to …

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Why is My Website Loading So Slowly?

Having a unique website is definitely a privilege, however if a beautiful website takes a long loading time, the chances of your users staying on your site would be extremely low and thus, in this day and age, a website’s loading speed is one of the most important factors in deciding a website’s success. If a website is loading slowly, this would decrease your users’ time on site and increase your users’ bounce rate. In addition, this might affect your organic rankings on Google’s search engine results page detrimentally as well. All in all, they will affect your website’s conversion rate as well.

Image result for website loading slowly

In this article, we will discuss a top reasons why your website might be loading and how should you go about to fix them. At the end of it all, if you are still confused and need a professional, feel free to engage a website design services Singapore specialist to assist you with your site immediately.

Render-Blocking JavaScript

JavaScript can actually delay your pages loading speed. Whenever one tries to load up a website on a browser, the browser has to load all the JavaScript files first. Sometimes, a render-blocking JavaScript might be preventing the page from loading quickly. One can consider using incline JavaScript instead or to remove external JavaScript files. The highly recommended method would be to defer JavaScript loading until the rest of the page has been displayed to the user.

Too Much Overhead 

Overtime, there might be many plugins that are being utilized on your website, and thus things like logs and transients can build up over time and fall into the category of overhead. This can cause your database to take longer to load, and that is why it is common to encounter a time out because the time taken to load the database is too long.


CSS is the code that is responsible for styling the website’s pages. Consider combining your CSS files into one file and use inline CSS instead.

Caching Issues

Caching happens when a browser stores static copies of a website’s data, and when users access your site again, the browsers can display the cached data instead of reloading everything again. If you are using a WordPress website, you can install a plugin to send a request deleted cached data after the page has been redesigned or upgraded.

Big Media Files

Having large media files should be avoided. This will severely affect your site’s loading speed negatively. Consider compressing the files and re-uploading the photos again.

In conclusion, more often than not, there are usually opportunities that are unnoticed for optimization. One can always start by using those free programs online to do a simple diagnosis and then progressively optimizing parts of the website.…

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Is Powder Coating Aluminium Extrusions the Right Choice?

When you are making a decision for your aluminium extrusions, it is normal to consider a variety of choices. Anodising, powder coating and painting all have their own special benefits. This article looks at how powder coating aluminium extrusions works, its advantages, and the main reasons to consider it.

How Powder Coating Works

Powder coating is the act of spraying electrostatically charged paint, which is in powder form onto aluminium extrusions. This process does not need the use of a solvent like in liquid painting. So it is really important that all the surfaces of the extrusions are pre-treated well.

1. Pre-treat the aluminium surface

In the pre-treatment process, dust, grease and other foreign articles are removed. This way, the technician is able to ensure fine adhesion and that the powder coat will not flake in the future.

2. Apply powder to the extrusion

The technician sprays powder using an electrostatic spray gun. Positive charges cause the powder to bond effectively with an electrically grounded aluminium extrusion.

3. Heat aluminium profiles in a curing oven

At this stage, the technician puts the aluminium extrusions into a big curing oven. This oven bakes them until they have a uniformly-melted coating.

4. Cool the metal extrusions

The technician removes the extrusions from the oven after they are properly baked so that they can cool down. After they cool off, they feature a smooth, hardened coating.

Main Advantages of Powder Coating Extrusions

  1. Offers you a wide variety of eye-catching, bright colour choices.
  2. More environmentally friendly compared to liquid paint.
  3. Coating is thick and bonds to the metal, so it does not chip easily.

What Makes Powder Coating an Environmentally Friendly Option?

One of the biggest reasons powder coating may be more preferable than paint is that there aren’t any harmful solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds. This means there is no potential damage to the environment while the powder is being sprayed. Different from wet paint, waste from powder coating is not toxic. Moreover, the process does not produce a lot of waste due to the fact that any over-sprayed product can be easily collected and used once again.

What Are the Available Colour Choices?

Powder coating offers a wide variety of colours. You will not attain the same aluminium appearance like in anodising, but you can attain a wide variety of beautiful, bright colours and unique textures. When paired with sublimation, it is possible to get aluminium that has a wood-like appearance.

Should You Use Powder Coat Aluminium Extrusions?

The answer to this question depends on the final application and the overall look you want to achieve. If your end goal is to get bright colours or special textures, powder coating is a good option. It’s also a more environmentally friendly method when compared to liquid paint; therefore, that’s another factor to put into consideration.

Edmo specialises in a full range of aluminium extrusion services in the UK, which include powder coating, design support, anodising, fabrication and assembly. We are skilled in turnkey …

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Best Tips to Make Your House Super Clean

Cleaning your home appears to be a self-explanatory task, however, when you plunk down to consider it, you may understand that you have a lot of questions. What’s more, how would you clean your toilet, in any case? We’ll work it down into a streamlined procedure that appears to be basic enough to handle and immediately satisfying. When you begin, you won’t be able to stop until the entire house is sparkling clean.

Image result for Best Tips to Make Your House Super Clean

1- Make a Plan – Decide how clean you want your house

This will enable you to choose how to set up your cleaning plan. Be straightforward with yourself about what you can do, how much time you have, and how persuaded you’re feeling.

Work starting from the top, if at all conceivable. You would prefer not to vacuum and after that get scraps everywhere throughout the floor, or residue the base of something and thump more residue down when you stir your way up onto the already uncleaned zones. On the off chance that you don’t have much time, begin with the messiness first and work your approach to increasingly genuine things from that point.

For the “normal” occupied individual it works better to complete somewhat consistently with the goal that the work doesn’t heap up, and furthermore have real cleaning day a couple of times each month. What style you favor is up to you (except if you have flat mates, obviously).

Keep a beware of zones of the kitchen subject to oil and grime development that need ordinary yet less continuous cleaning, for example, the highest points of cupboards and the kitchen fumes fan. It tends to be barely noticeable higher highlights in the kitchen however oil and grime assemble in these territories and draw in residue and creepy crawlies.

2- Make a checklist and a plan of attack.

Realize which rooms you intend to begin and complete your cleaning in (for the most part back to front entryway works best). This will help speed up the procedure and guarantee you are not copying your endeavors, particularly if more than one individual is associated with the cleaning.

You can pursue the means in the cleaning part all together. Along these lines, you’ll have an agenda effectively worked out for you.

Make an arrangement with the goal that you can vacuum, compass, and mop all rooms in the meantime (thus that your high temp water doesn’t get cold) so you won’t need to go from one undertaking and afterward rehash something very similar.

3- Attempt to delegate tasks.

On the off-chance that you live with other individuals, cleaning the house ought not to be only your duty! You may need to take on an initiative by setting up a rotational cleaning plan, yet it’s far superior to doing this backbreaking work alone.

Ensure the undertakings doled out are age-proper – for example evaluation, younger students can get their room floors, adolescents can clean the carport or restroom, and so forth. It …

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What You Need to Start a Daycare at Home

There is a need for in-home childcare services across the country. Many people choose traditional day-care facilities for their children. The quality of these centers is on the rise, and mostly stays at home mothers consider having in-home childcare as an option to help supplement the family income. There are many things to think about before you open for business. Do you have education or professional experience in Early Childhood? Although there is not a requirement to have a degree to run an in-home daycare, you are at an advantage if you have some formal education in Early Childhood. Your potential clients are likely to ask, so have your response ready. If you don’t have a degree and aren’t planning on working on one, you can tell them that. Keeping up to date on the latest teaching trends in Early Childhood could be done by reading books, talking to other professionals to name a few. Read more about  2000 Days Calgary prekindergarten.

Is your family agreeable to this life-changing event? This is very important because you will have to give your family time to adjust. If your family is not supportive of this venture, it is hard to be successful. Your schedule is very planned out on a day-to-day basis, and it will take teamwork to make it work.

You can choose to be licensed or unlicensed. You need to check with your state. I would suggest that you become licensed. It does take some time, but it makes you look more professional in the long run. You may be just as good as the licensed center in the next block, but many people would choose a licensed facility over an unlicensed one.

Make sure the space you are using for your center is children-friendly. You can receive a list from your state about what the specific requirements are for in-home centers. Some people choose to use their basement for child care, others use their living space, and incorporate the center in this space.

Those that choose to run in-home daycare centers have a wealth of patience. You are in charge of everything, and your break time may only be a few minutes on a particular day. Knowing that your quiet time is important and it makes the day flow more smoothly.

One important item to consider is to check out the competition. Are there any in-home child care centers in your neighborhood already?  I did not do this and then found out that there were several within a few blocks from me. Ask to visit the nearby in-homes for inspiration and tips, if they are agreeable. This is good to do because you can easily form a play-group with the other in-home child care providers. It is much more fun going to a park with someone else than just yourself.

You may need to purchase some items to start the center. You don’t have to break your budget to do this. Garage sales are an inexpensive way to …

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4 Remodeling Sins to Avoid

Are you hoping to make your home remodeling project come to fruition this year? Are you planning to start your 2019 with a blast? If it is a resounding “Yes,” then you’ll need to read on. As you know, home renovation isn’t a no brainer. It is quite a daunting task, to begin with. Whether you wish to embark on bathroom remodeling, adding affordable roller shutters at Half Price, room enclosures or deck repair, you must come prepared to any snag that will pop up in the middle of the project. With this, you need to understand that before you move the project into construction, you are ready for possible hurdles down the road. So, to boost your confidence in dealing with the situation as the construction is underway, we have enumerated possible remodeling mistakes that most homeowners do and how you can prevent them. By avoiding these common practices, you can guarantee a smoother construction and a less hassle experience.

Image result for 4 Remodeling Sins to Avoid


  • Not projecting a proper budget plan


In any home remodeling project, the budget is always a factor. The home renovation itself is costly; thus, you need to set a buffer on your budget before you even start the project. It is essential to create a well-thought-out budget planning to ensure a smoother process and prevent any delay in construction. Some homeowners don’t realize that not investing for home renovation may resort to them from cutting corners or buying cheaper materials. You don’t wish to end up spending more just because the materials you’ve initially used are less durable and has low quality.


  • Not setting a clear plan and timelines


Setting a vivid plan and timelines is crucial in any home renovation. Saving a budget isn’t enough to make your project successful. You must create a clear plan that will visualize your ideas and represent your lifestyle or needs. Another common mistake that homeowners do is that they rely fully on contractors when it comes to decision making and planning. It should rather be a partnership where ideas must be transformed into a more structured concept. With this, you need to spend the time to lay out your ideas, enumerate options that suit your lifestyle or list down possible snags that may pop up as construction is underway. Think of the bigger picture. If you truly believe that your home is a substantial asset, then rushing into things won’t make this possible.


  • Opting for the trendiest option  


When it comes to home renovation, the trendiest option does not always mean the most practical and the best choice. It would be impractical to follow the hype and copy whatever you saw on the lifestyle magazine. It might look good today, but it will not be after a few years. With this, you must ascertain your lifestyle, needs, and budget before incorporating those design ideas or architecture.


  • Not securing permits


A lot of remodeling project requires a permit. You must follow the process …

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Why Directory Signs Matter to Your Business

In this technological society, the use of physical signs are undervalued and viewed as obsolete, when in fact they are still an invaluable tool for businesses. A directory sign is a physical sign used to direct people to a specific location. For businesses, these signs are used to direct new and current clients, potential partners, and prospective hires to their intended destination, your business, with ease. Signs directing people towards your business can also be used to get ahead of the competition by advertising both the business brand and services. Any business company can increase its public awareness through the use of signs making the most of both online and offline advertising to build a business.

Image result for Why Directory Signs Matter to Your Business

Using A Directory Sign to Improve Your Business

For the nervously anxious individual navigating their way through a new environment to conduct business can be an unnecessarily overwhelming experience that can be avoided with the use of directory signs. To the average person finding their way is as simple as asking directions; however, what if there is no one nearby to ask? What if the mere thought of asking directions is intimidating in its self? It is a courtesy to business partners, potential clients, and even prospective employees for businesses to use signs to guide the way. It doesn’t matter “if your space is a massive multi-level office building or just a hole-in-the-wall on a side street, a convenient sign pointing the way” can go a long way in maintaining business.

Consider the possibility of your business being located in an inconvenient location that could make finding the front entrance a hassle. The use of interior and exterior signs would “reassure those who need to visit your space” encouraging “them to keep on the path” and “literally, guide the business to your door”. The use of signs for directions is a simple way to keep business flowing.

Beat the Competition

Keeping established business relationships on good terms is great, but any good business should take it a step further outdoing their competitors through advertising. It is important for any business to increase the public’s awareness of them and the services offered. This is where a directory sign can play a key role in the advertising business to gain new clientele. Using an eye-catching directory sign “you are likely to attract more clients than your counterpart with no signs. It is essential to set your signs strategically in a high traffic location so that more people can find your business.

For businesses that provide a multitude of services, the use of signage can be of great value in brand advertising. Advertising a business brand will connect the several services provided to one recognizable symbol which will “help potential clients determine how well your business can meet their needs. A directory sign advertising a business brand may also provide potential clients with an understanding of your business standards making your business appear superior to a competitor.

True the use of physical signs can still be …

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Home Insurance Money Saving Tips

The price you pay for your owner’s insurance will vary by many bucks, counting on the insurer you get your policy from. Here are some things to contemplate once shopping for householders insurance you can obtain a quote online for home & content insurance just keep in mind the mentioned tips to save some cash

Hasil gambar untuk Home Insurance Money Saving Tips


  • Shop around


It’ll take your time but could save you a good sum of money. States usually create info offered on typical rates charged by major insurers and lots of states give the frequency of shopper complaints by company. Also check shopper guides, insurance agents, companies and online insurance quote services. This will provide you with a thought of value ranges and tell you which one’s firms have the bottom costs. But don’t consider price alone. The insurance firm you choose ought to provide a good value and deliver the standard service you’d expect if you require help in filing a claim. So in estimating service quality, use the grievance information cited above and talk to a number of insurers to get a sense for the type of service they give.  Ask them what they might do to lower your prices.



  • Raise your deductible



Deductibles area unit the quantity of cash you have got to pay toward a loss before your insurer starts to pay a claim, in step with the terms of your policy.thee higher your deductible, the more money you can save on your premiums, most insurance firms advocate a deductible of a minimum of $500. If you can afford to raise your deductible to $1,000, you may save as much as 25 percent. Remember, if you reside in an exceedingly disaster-prone space, your policy might have a separate deductible for sure styles of injury. If you reside close to the coast within the East, you may have a separate windstorm deductible; if you live in a state vulnerable to hail storms, you may have a separate deductible for hail; and if you reside in an earthquake-prone space, your earthquake policy features deductible. Don’t confuse what you obtained your house with reconstruction prices.

The land below your house is not in danger from larceny, windstorm, fire and the other perils covered in your homeowner’s policy. So do not embrace its price decide what quantity householders insurance to shop for.

If you do, you may pay a better premium than you ought to buy your home and automobile policies from an equivalent insurance firm some firms that sell householders, auto and liability coverage will eat 5 to 15 percent off your premium if you purchase two or more policies from them. But ensure this combined value is below shopping for completely different coverages from different firms.



  • Make your home more disaster resistant


Find out from your general agent or company representative what steps you’ll fancy creating your home a lot of proof against windstorms and alternative natural disasters.

You may be able to save on …

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