15 Best Harry Potter Toys & Games For Kids Of All Ages

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect birthday or holiday gift, or you just want to stock your child’s toy box with a few items representative of your own obsession with the franchise, there are so many fantastic Harry Potter toys to choose from. Potterheads and their muggle offspring can let their imaginations run wild with the best Harry Potter toys on the market.

I will be the first to admit that my almost-9-year-old had quite a few Harry Potter toys before he ever showed any interest in the movies or was old enough to read the books. Did this perhaps inspire his adorable crush on Hermione and love of all things owl-related? I can’t say for sure, but the fan in me thinks that the baby toys shaped like Hedwig might have played more than just a small role in encouraging his own fandom.

From games that test your knowledge of the books and films to action figures that let you re-create your favorite scenes, there’s a toy on this list perfect for every fan regardless of their age. I mean, who doesn’t want to cast a spell or two with a toy wand? (Even if it isn’t actually going to spawn a Patronus because it’s made from plastic instead of enchanted wood.) Read on to see which Harry Potter toys can make your home a more magical place to play.

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A LEGO Set For Kids

Best suited for kids ages 8 and up, this 403-piece Harry Potter LEGO set includes everything kids need to build their very own interactive replica of The Knight Bus. Kids can re-create the crazy bus ride Harry takes in The Prisoner of Azkaban with three minifigures, Harry’s trunk and possessions, and the triple-decker bus itself.


A Plush Harry

For younger kids, having a plush Harry Potter toy to play with can help introduce them to all of the things you know and love about the franchise. Just look how cute plush Harry is — the scar, the glasses, and his robe! While I can’t guarantee that this will help them love the books and movies as much as you do when they get older, it definitely won’t hurt to try.


An Illuminating Toy Wand

Your kids can pretend to cast their favorite spells with this 14-inch illuminating toy wand from The Noble Collection. Made to look just like the infamous wand that Harry uses in the movies, the wand lights up with a simple swish and flick of the wrist. Get ready to hear chants of “wingardium leviosa” throughout your home.


A Movie-Themed Hedbanz Game

If your family enjoys playing the original Hedbanz game together, you’re sure to love the Harry Potter version of the game even more. Take turns guessing characters and items from the movies on your Hedbanz by answering yes or no questions to earn chocolate frog tokens. The first player to collect five tokens wins.


A LEGO Set For The Family

While your kids will most definitely need plenty of help putting together this massive 6,020-piece Harry Potter LEGO set, the time, effort, and expense to build such an epic replica of the entire Hogwarts castle is totally worth it for mega-fans of the franchise.


A Kid-Sized Nimbus 2000

Your kids can zip and zoom around the house on their very own replica version of Harry’s Nimbus 2000. The broomstick measures about 36 inches in length and it is made from sturdy foam, but it also makes real sounds when swung through the air.


Collectible Figures In Surprise Packs

My kids love blind bags and similarly-packaged toys that they can’t see inside of. These Harry Potter Magic Capsules from YuMe are incredibly fun. The packaging has hints about which characters are inside that can be revealed with heat or water so that your kids can try to guess which figure they’ve scored before they rip it open to find one of 10 characters inside.


Flexible Action Figures

If your kids don’t already love playing with BendyFigs action figures, the Harry Potter posable figurines are a great way to introduce them to this fun toy. Each 7-inch-tall figurine can be posed in various ways for interactive play. Choose from all of your favorite Harry Potter characters including Dumbledore, Dobby, Hermione, Ron, and even Harry himself.


A 150-Piece Puzzle

While there are plenty of fun Harry Potter puzzles on the market, many of them are collectible jigsaw puzzles with thousands of pieces and are geared more toward adult fans of the franchise. This 150-piece mini puzzle from Target is available in the theme of each of the four Hogwarts houses. It comes in a fun carrying tube, perfect for on-the-go play.


An Interactive Hedwig Toy

I know that this interactive Hedwig toy is meant for kids ages 4 and up, but I would not hesitate to buy one for myself because it is just that cool. The toy literally responds to your voice with 12 unique sounds and his head actually moves and rotates a full 180 degrees.


Gryffindor Dress-Up Robes

I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t go through a phase where they love to dress up like their favorite characters. You can enhance your child’s love of playing with their Harry Potter toys with a set of Gryffindor robes to dress up in during playtime. Not a Gryffindor fan? There are also options for the other houses as well. (Yes, even Slytherin.)


A Wooden Sorting Hat Model Figure

For kids who love to build, this wooden sorting hat model figure is a fun way for older kids to play with a Harry Potter-themed toy. Kids ages 10 and up can enjoy this collectible book, complete with instructions to put together a sorting hat made from wooden interlocking pieces.


A Large Hedwig Plush

I really want to snuggle up with this 12-inch Hedwig stuffed animal every night. His sparkling eyes and soft fur make him the most enchanting toy for kids. Your little ones can play pretend with Hedwig all day and then cuddle with him to encourage magical dreams every night. Also available from Kohl’s are stuffed versions of other Harry Potter pets including Fawkes, Fang, Crookshanks, and Pygmy.


A Crafty Perler Bead Set

If your crafty kid loves to make their own creations from Perler beads, this Harry Potter fuse bead kit is perfect for fans. Your kids can choose from 19 Harry Potter-themed bead designs to make with the 4,503 included beads. They may need some help ironing the beads, but the magical designs will be totally worth the effort.


‘Harry Potter’ Baby Rattles

For the absolute littlest fans, these Harry Potter baby rattles are an adorable way to start your little one’s magical toy collection. Choose from knit versions of Hedwig, Dobby, or Harry, all made from cotton yarn and attached to a wooden rattle ring.