April 16, 2021


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10 Major 2021 Home Design Traits from Houzz

Houzz, the home renovation and design link system, has shared 10 design developments it sees...

Houzz, the home renovation and design link system, has shared 10 design developments it sees as top purchaser concerns for the coming yr. As coronavirus has switch homes into multi-practical areas — workplaces, faculty and holiday spots to title a handful of — these layout trends are functional as well as lovely. 

Houzz’s 10 structure trends are:


1. The multi-zone kitchen

2021 design trends from Houzz

Several home owners want their kitchens to emphasize a range of tasks and make it possible for for other cooks as nicely. In response, property owners are functioning with designers on Houzz to incorporate far more touch details to that triangle form and create a “work trapezoid” that may well include things like focused locations for baking, prepping and chopping, or separate stations for snacks, beverages or research. © Noble Johnson Architects

2. Fashionable sconce lights

Houzz 2021 Trends Stylish Sconces

Owners on Houzz are displaying curiosity in swing-arm and other sconce fixtures, which can include some adornment although offering necessary job lighting around a sink or variety. Margaret Wright Pictures © 2018 Houzz

3. The rejuvenating bathroom

Rejuvenating Bathroom 2021 Houzz home design trends

Two in 5 householders (41%) who renovated a learn bathroom say they depend on their new space for rest and peace, according to the recent 2020 Houzz Bathroom Trends Review. Other than a soak in the tub or a lengthy sizzling shower, some homeowners are rejuvenating with steam showers, aromatherapy shower heads and bathtub fillers that can hold a cup of tea or glass of wine. Margaret Wright Pictures © 2018 Houzz

4. Oversize rectangle tile

Oversize rectangle tile 2021 home design trends Houzz

Less grout traces signifies much less cleansing and significantly less visible litter. Moreover, the substantial-format tile can enable visually broaden a smaller room. We’re looking at large tiles used in a wide variety of typical patterns, this sort of as herringbone, stacked and brick. Jesse Younger © 2020 Houzz

5. Browns and beiges bounce back

brown and beige Houzz 2021 design trends

A craze that came up once more and once again was a renewed interest in shades of brown. Heat taupes, beiges, sands — generally any earth tone is surging in attractiveness. Some designers say the craze is an evolution from popular whites and grays of modern a long time, and that brown as an accent shade works effectively to bring heat to a palette heavy with these colors. Darlene Halaby Photography © 2019 Houzz 

6. Hardworking home places of work and nooks

home off

This year, loved ones customers of all ages sought out productive areas for remote function, online video conferences, schoolwork and other duties that beforehand took location away from home. This pattern of distant function will continue in 2021, and householders will double-down on generating effective dedicated offices, operate nooks and backyard cottages. (Image by Lauren Andersen,© 2019 Houzz)

7. Online video meeting-worthy backgrounds

Video backgrounds, Houzz 2021 home design trends

This calendar year, lots of folks observed by themselves crafting aesthetically satisfying backgrounds for movie conferences. Homeowners are discovering the art of a excellent vignette, from artwork, pops of colour, excellent lighting, a little greenery and objects of various dimensions. Rachel Loewen © 2019 Houzz

8. Rethinking the open approach

rethinking open floor plans Houzz 2021 design trends

Anybody who experienced various family members associates trying concurring online video meetings in an open up structure swiftly observed the drawbacks to a deficiency of walls. The open up approach is not heading away, but lots of men and women are contemplating sliding doors or partitions that can shut off rooms for significantly-required privacy. Rachel Loewen © 2019 Houzz

9. The yr of the pergola

Year of the Pergola, design trends Houzz

Householders on Houzz are searching to increase usable dwelling room to outdoor places, and a pergola is a somewhat rapid and cost-effective alternative. These uncomplicated shade constructions, which can be created and installed in a day or two, supply suitable shade for eating, lounging and other outdoor pursuits. Rikki Snyder © 2016 Houzz

10. Increase of the yard cottage or ADU

backyard cottage 2021 Houzz design trends

Quite a few men and women who found themselves in households of competing movie conferences and university activities desperately sought personal place to do the job, exercising or chill out. A backyard cottage or accent dwelling unit (ADU) can be just the answer. These standalone constructions are applied as home workplaces, gyms, meditation parts or as extended residing areas. Jesse Youthful © 2020 Houzz