Breast Forms: Regaining a Better Self Image After a Mastectomy

Breast cancer is a worry that many women are faced with. It is also a reality for many, and the repercussions of such a condition can be life altering and, in some cases, even fatal. The good news is that breast cancer, if caught early enough, is surprisingly treatable. Unfortunately, some of the treatments for this sort of cancer can be quite significant. In some cases, a woman may have to undergo a procedure known as a mastectomy. This is where one or both breasts are removed to eliminate the cancer. While this is not the first treatment option for most women, it can be the only course of action in some situations.

While this sort of procedure can in fact save a woman’s life, the repercussions of such a procedure can have a significant impact in how a woman feels about her body going forward. Some women may opt for breast implants after a mastectomy. However, for those women that either can’t afford elective cosmetic surgery or simply don’t wish to go under the knife again, there are options. One particular option is known as breast forms.

This cosmetic product can simulate the look of breast for women who have had partial or total mastectomies. These forms come in a wide variety of options. One option is with a breast form bra. These comfortable and attractive bras come with prosthetic breast molds within the cups. This gives a natural look to women who may feel self conscious following a mastectomy procedure.

There are also attachable forms that attach to the skin and can be worn with any type of clothing. For women who like to swim or like going to beach, there is breast form swimwear. There is also the option for breast form camisoles and sleepwear as well.

While life saving surgery such as a mastectomy is indeed a beneficial thing, it can leave a woman’s self confidence in its wake. However, with something as simple as a breast form, either integrated into clothing or as a stand alone item, a woman can return to a certain level of normalcy. It can give a woman an extreme bump in her self image without the burden or expense of invasive cosmetic surgeries. …

Sell Your Home Along With Help From A Realtor

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